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Looking for a job abroad can be hard and it can turn out to be a very tedious process, which is why I would recommend platforms like WeAreDevelopers Talents to ease this process.
I really enjoyed the enthusiasm of the people I have interacted with, as well as their helpful replies and the fact that their help did not stop after being accepted for a job position. WeAreDevelopers was very supportive during the whole process and always available when needed.

ArianaJava Developer at Celum

If you’re looking for a new challenge, want to take a big step and don’t know where to start, WeAreDevelopers Talents will help you get what you want, matching you with the right place and title even if you think that it’s something that’s out of your reach. High interest on the candidate, as if the team members themselves were getting hired, and the only thing that was expected in return was feedback. I felt a mutual understanding from the very beginning and everything went smooth and fast. The people I was in touch with helping me not only with applying for a job but also getting the best out of the interviews and getting updates afterward instead of just waiting for a response from the company itself. They also kept on giving me positive energy all the time which really helped me get more confident.

KubilayiOS Developer at Kaia Health

Vanja is a great Talent Manager, she saved me in the last moment when everybody else failed. No words are enough to thank you for your continuous support and positive spirit. I hope I can return you a favor one day. Thank you so much, Vanja:)

AbdelrahmanMaschine Learning Engineer at Seal Software

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