API First - Headless CMS

Hosted by Drupal Austria

WeAreDevelopers World Congress 2018


Mateu Aguiló Bosch

Lullabot, aka e0ipso on Drupal

Contenta CMS / Decoupled hard problems

Michael Schmid

Amazee, aka Schnitzel on Drupal

GraphQL and Drupal case study

Flavia Sequeira

Ing DiBa

From API Doing to API Thinking

Balint Csuthy

aka Pasqualle on Drupal

Where is your website content coming from?

Jeremiah Lee


Pragmatic Design with JSONAPI.org

Christian Müller


How do you like your content to be served?

WeAreDevelopers teamed up with our friends from Drupal Austria to bring you your dose of CMS and more. Decoupling can lead to a series of interesting problems and trigger solutions you do not expect. We selected topics ranging from what you experience when decoupling to starting with API thinking.

More info on the Congress Page: www.wearedevelopers.com/congress