11 tips to master the art of employer branding in the dev space
September 3, 2020
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11 tips to master the art of employer branding in the dev space

Claudia Jeffrey
Claudia Jeffrey
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Employer branding is crucial for businesses, especially in the current uncertain circumstances. Through employer branding, you can hire the topmost talented people, develop an influential organizational culture, and might even reduce marketing costs. It usually involves the process of managing your reputation for candidates who are seeking jobs and stakeholders.  

According to a recent study of 2019 by LinkedIn, successful employer branding reduces hiring cost by 43 %, and 75 % of candidates applying for a job say that they check a company’s online presence before applying. Developers are in scarce supply, and the demand for them is quite overwhelming during current times.

In this post, we would like to offer you some tips through which you can perform employer branding in the software development industry.

So let’s take a quick look at some of the ways you can augment your employer branding to attract potential candidates towards your ventures.  

1. Comprehensive & honest job listings

A job listing for developers shouldn’t just define the job. We simply present a description. It should go more in-depth. In fact, you should be honest with them by not shying away at the little details which the majority of employers miss out on their strategy. Be comprehensive about what you want from them so that they get a clear picture of what you are expecting from them.

This will also help in preventing dissonance from the candidate side because nobody wants to join a company and then find out that their duties entail additional responsibilities than what was mentioned initially.

2. Advocate thought leadership & vision

A lot of software developers are already employed, so getting the cream for your company isn’t going to be easy. This is why when you initiate and explore ways to brand yourself as an employer, it is important that you support thought leadership in the developer community and present a comprehensive vision that has a broad scope.

A lot of developers out there are looking for an opportunity to utilize their skills to the maximum potential. So when they see you as an opportunity to embellish their talents further, then there is no doubt you would attract a lot of attention in the dev space.  

3. Emphasize technology & support

We are living in a world where even a layman has learned to appreciate technology and the benefits it offers. Therefore if your objective is to bring the most talented developers to become a part of your team, then there is an obvious need to market yourself as the most tech-savvy and modern organization in the market.

Then there is the support that you offer each one of your employees, which is also crucial as developers like to have their voices heard online and offline. Other features that attract developers that you must promulgate in your ads include high-quality documentation, value propositions, technical enablement, practical tools, and a robust framework.

4. Foster positive employee testimonials

Organizations have yet to understand how critical customer reviews are. Many people who go online would make a purchase depending upon the reviews a product gets. Likewise, a developer hunting for a suitable job is looking for employee testimonials that can encourage them to make the right decision.

As an employer, you should consider it as your duty to present positive feedback from employees and even ex-employees so whenever there is a vacancy, and people visit your website, they get to learn useful things about your company.

Testimonials are verifications from people who have once been a part of your family. They can also come from your customers and the client’s side as well. They act as certifications that provide proof that your organization is indeed a viable place to develop a career.

5. Deliver a strong work culture

Your organizational culture comprises of various behaviors and values that contribute towards building a unique psychological and social environment in which business is conducted. In order to attract developers, you need to portray a healthy work culture that shows a great influence of ethics, justice, fairness, equality, and other modelling values.

Your work culture should also include appreciation for hard workers, honesty in the workplace, and work environment that is both rewarding and fosters learning.  

Both your leadership and management are primarily responsible for creating work culture as they are the one who decides on the philosophies and policies that govern employees.

6. Get creative through content

The more creatively you market yourself, the better impact you will create for your prospects who may wish to join your ship and become a part of your crew one day. We are talking about using various channels to promote your work culture and ethics.

So brochures, pamphlets, corporate videos, blogs, articles, newsletters, press releases, social media, and user-generated content are all going to be included. You cannot simply stick to one channel. In order to spread your message and let your word be heard across tables, you need to go all out. Even your website should promote your work and how employees are treated.

7. Highlight the right benefits

For some people benefits, a job offer is what makes them decide to stick and be loyal to a corporation. This is why if you seek to bring in capable developers into your team, you need to highlight the right benefits for them.

While medical assistance and short leaves are the norms, to attract developers, you need something extra such as flexible working hours, working under the guidance of an expert or through a collaboration, fine-looking peripherals, comfortable sitting environment, and other perks.

Programmers also want to know how their work makes a difference, interaction with clients, extensive experiences, intrapreneurship opportunities, challenging projects, empowerment, and respect.

8. Project professional development opportunities

There is a reason why you would find many developers who would favor less pay and still choose to work with a renowned professional. They might even turn down company stock options just to work within a team that is led by a great developer. The reason is that unlike most of us, developers are hungry to learn and improve themselves.

They like to sharpen their saws and keep going at it. You wouldn’t find a developer using their time as not an opportunity to acquire new skills. This is why, as an employer, you need to dish out messages about your organization as a great place to learn, improve, and catering to professional development at the highest level.  

9. Build trust in your brand

Millions of businesses across the globe often end their journeys without completing their first year of operations while some even close down after pulling in five years. Plus, the current pandemic has already thrown the market into turmoil.

Across the globe, we find people losing their jobs, so this is an essential time to build trust amongst stakeholders and let them know about your credibility. Software developers rarely switch; in fact, it is considered a taboo amongst the community, and sometimes it is the biggest career mistake that software developers make.

This is precisely why they need a secure place to stay and work in a comfortable environment. Hence, in short, you need to develop your trust in candidates that your company offers a bright future and a long tenure for them.

10. Showcase involvement in the local community

Many developers are simply sick of companies that tell lies and have no substance to show regarding their achievements as a corporation. However, as an employer, you can change that by showcasing your company’s involvement in the local community.

We hope by now, you are able to understand how a developer’s mind works. They are learned people who aspire to become better with time, and they are definitely driven by positive outputs and the impact their work creates. This is why at a company level, you need to show off how your organization is positively influencing the local community and bringing in improvements into people’s lives.  

11. Transparency in the application process

Lastly, you should know that developers value merit and have high regard for it. This is why you should ensure that your hiring process is also the same where people who have the skills are awarded the right opportunities. You have to make sure that there is no favoritism, biases, or prejudice involved when recruiting talent.

To ensure this, you need to develop a solid application process that is transparent. Award marks at each stage regarding their performance. It is not hard you can improve this in one day.

Each stage and phase of the application process should be distributed and awarded separate marks. This can include an initial call on the telephone, first appearance in the office for an initial interview, a test of their skills, and a final interview.

Their performance report can be made accessible to them through an online portal or through an email after each phase is completed and evaluated by your HR or managers involved in the recruiting process.

And once the final interview is over, you can generate a quick summary or report card for them and sent them by email. Voila! You have just achieved transparency in your application process. Congratulations! This, however, is just a simple method; there is definitely lots of room for improvement.  

Take-home message

Before you go about performing your first employer branding campaign for developers and software programmers, it is best that you first understand these talented individuals. Study the dynamics that revolve around developers, what problems they are facing, what they really need from their jobs, what industrial taboos are inflicting them, and what really drives them to deliver to the best of their abilities.

No doubt, every employer out there has already realized the importance of employer branding, but rarely do they understand the significance of employee needs and requirements. Wishing you all a joyful day ahead, happy recruiting!


About the author: Claudia Jeffrey currently works as a Sr. Research Analyst and Web Developer at Dissertation Assistance where higher education students can acquire professional research proposal writing service UK from experts. During her free time, she likes to indulge herself in pop culture and sci-fi movies and books.


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