6 effective ways to become a leader in the developer community
May 31, 2020
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6 effective ways to become a leader in the developer community

Adnan Pavlovic
Adnan Pavlovic
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Attracting developers can be quite a challenge. One of the most effective ways of overcoming it is to work towards becoming a tech leader within the developer community.

The question is, how do you get there? Truth be told, becoming a leader is not something that usually happens overnight. It takes a series of actions, strategies and a lot of trust-building. It’s a long game, but one that will pay off in the end.

We have gone ahead and broken down the 6 most effective ways for you to become a leader in the developer community:

1. Position your company & build brand awareness

The first step to creating brand awareness is to figure out what you want to be known for.  

Would you like your developer team to be known as experts in a particular technology? Or are you the type of company that wants to be known as the first one to implement innovative technology? Or even be known as a company that’s happy to support and take on junior developers?

Major business and HR decisions should be made according to your positioning. Communication also plays a huge role in this, so make sure to find the right words and phrases that resonate with the community.

Once you have a clear positioning, you can decide how you want to brand your company within the developer community. The first and most important step to doing so is to start building an online employer branding presence. You can do that by setting up an online employer branding pages on the WeAreDevelopers job platform. Here you can describe your company, display pictures, and videos to give future employees a feel of your brand and much more.

2. Start sharing valuable content

Content marketing, aka sharing valuable knowledge is a great way to not only raise brand awareness, but also to show people what you’re made of.

Developers will be more interested in your company when they know that you have real experts working on your projects. Start creating blog posts that give insight into the way you work, create a company profile on LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitch or any sites with a community of developers and start sharing some behind the scenes sneak peeks and more.

Content marketing will also play into your overall marketing strategy towards clients. It’s a great way to build potential customers relationships, position your brand and provide value that goes beyond your product or service.

3. Drive employer branding in your marketing strategy

Employer branding is gold when it comes to attracting developers.

We’ve found that because they have a lot of choices, they want to know more than the details of the position. Your mission, company culture, team and what type of projects you are working on will make or break their decision.

Make sure you drive your brand home on the HR side of things too. Equip your team with branded merchandise – that’s actually cool to wear. Ensure your HR communication is on point and you have a careers page that wins people over.

4. Be present at relevant events

You can also work towards being recognized as a leader in the IT industry by increasing your visibility at major events, virtual events and online webinars. By showing up and taking up space at developer events, especially more than once – people will register you as a key player in the developer community. The more often they see your company represented, whether in person or virtually, the more likely they are to see you as a leader.

5. Use your best developers to build an authentic brand

Your top developers are your best brand ambassadors. A brand ambassador is a person that represents the personality of your brand, which usually comes quite naturally to that person because their values and knowledge are closely linked to the brand. Brand ambassadors usually represent a brand at events and are content contributors online.

So, brand ambassadors are really the ones that should be talking to interested talent. Usually, developers – regardless of their seniority – are mostly interested in your tech stack and projects. We recommend sending senior developers, who can present themselves as experts within their niche. Senior developers are the ones who can tell potential teammates what projects they are working on and how they solve problems. That’s the stuff candidates really want to know more about.

This can be done both on and offline. On WeAreDevelopers, you can easily incorporate brand ambassadors into your company page by letting them write about past or ongoing projects. You can even go ahead and create a video with them talking about their expertise and what’s going on with the developers in your team.

6. Tap into existing developer communities

WeAreDevelopers is Europe’s leading job platform where you can position yourself as a leader within the developer community today. As an employer, you can use WeAreDevelopers to post job ads, create a developer-focused online employer branding page, join events and much more.


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