Coronavirus makes online employer branding more important than ever
March 17, 2020
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Coronavirus makes online employer branding more important than ever

Thomas LimbĂĽchler
Thomas LimbĂĽchler
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All around the world, the Coronavirus disease (Covid-19) is causing many businesses to reassess their employer branding plans for 2020 – such as sponsoring events or other field marketing activities – and employer branding was most likely at the top of our lists to help raise awareness for our organizations. So, what should we do now that coronavirus is causing us to change those plans?

Well, now that previous plans and activities are no longer possible, your budget for employer branding may look different. With a new budget for employer branding, one way to use your budget is to shift your focus to online employer branding approaches. This shift is now more important than ever due to our efforts to reach digital closeness in a time of social distancing.  

Most companies need to fill job vacancies for developers and other IT specialists, and now with the current situation, companies need to raise brand awareness online to those in the IT industry. After several years in developer recruiting, we have assessed and analyzed our developer job platform to understand how online employer branding can help optimize your brand awareness among developers and how to hire faster and better. Here are our tips to help you with your online employer branding strategy among developers.

Become an attractive tech employer

We can not stress enough how essential it is to make an online presence where your target audience is. If you need to raise your brand awareness among developers and hire developers then you should be known in the developer community. That is why with WeAreDevelopers job platform, it is a place where you can showcase your company with an employer branding page and post job ads which are viewed by our active community of developers. Because we are a part of the developer community, a presence with us can help you hire efficiently and effectively. Since our platform is highly specialized and customized for developers, developers choose us to look for a job. By joining our platform, you are able to integrate yourself and raise brand awareness in the developer community.

Invest in employer branding pages

With your online employer branding strategy, it is vital to invest in your employer branding pages. By investing in your employer branding pages, you are able to position your company as an attractive employer for developers and boost your brand recognition in the tech community. Employer branding pages help you attract developers because it gives you a way to show tech talent why your company is an ideal place to work when you have a developer-focused brand page. Also, employer branding pages help you stand out and get ahead of your competitors by sharing valuable insights about your workplace and projects. Furthermore, it helps increase visibility and boost your brand awareness in the developer community and get recognized as a top tech employer. With WeAreDeveloper employer branding pages, you have the option to create content cards. These content cards can be used for showcasing images or videos. It’s a cool and interactive way to show developers insights into your company.

Show developer-focused insights

There are numerous benefits of having branding pages in the developer community. It’s a place where you can present yourself to developers and show how great it is to work at your company. When you make a developer-focused employer branding page, it allows for developers to get specialized information that interests them such as which technologies you work with, your team and company culture, and any other relevant information such as your current projects.

Win the hearts and minds of developers

When making an employer branding page, developers not only want to switch jobs because of their responsibilities but they also are interested in your company’s benefits and culture. Employer branding pages are the perfect place to share your company culture, mission, benefits, key values and other valuable information to attract top tech talent. Developers want to know about your teams, your techs, your environment and culture. Developer-focused employer branding pages are the best way to achieve giving those insights to developers.

Say what matters

Online employer branding pages help tell developers what they really want to know about your company. You can post stories, videos, images and your job offers. It gives insights to your products and your team. With using videos, you can show your latest project. When posting pictures you can show glimpses of your work environment. Employer branding pages are a chance to connect with developers by really showing what matters.

Don’t fall behind in developer recruiting – it’s time to invest in employer branding pages for now and the future.


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