Remote working is here to stay – what about remote developer hiring?
June 25, 2020
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Remote working is here to stay – what about remote developer hiring?

Ana Gospodinova
Ana Gospodinova
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Recent pandemic crisis and government regulations pushed companies all around the world into a remote working environment. We now understand that the companies from the technology sector accepted the shift towards remote work with far more ease. Remote work has become a necessity to keep organizations maintaining day-to-day activities. For these companies, an additional set of challenges was contributed by the fast adoption of remote developer hiring and onboarding processes.

The shift towards remote work has induced a rapid scale up of technological capacity to make remote work possible, or in other words – rapid digitization. The challenging process conducted by companies during the peak of the crisis has brought large advancements in the overall industry digitization.  

Remote working productiveness is not a recent breakthrough

According to the study from 2015, and the study from 2018, remote employees are generally more productive than office employees. Global-scale pandemic crisis home-office environment fortified above mentioned statement and speed up the shift. The shift was quick, happening in terms of weeks, instead of months or years what it usually takes.

Sudden remote work situation brought a lot of irritation to the employees (i.e., employees had to use their equipment in the first place). Gradually, employees started to become increasingly prepared for the remote working routine. Also, companies began to create urgent response teams to provide additional equipment for remote workers. 

Consequently, the general conception is that remote work is here to stay. Especially as companies want to maintain an increased level of productivity gained during the pandemic crisis. 

Taking a specific approach towards remote hiring

Remote working has a unique ability to distribute teams through different time zones and make them continuously push project tasks for 24 hours. It also contributes to the recruiting teams’ agenda. When hiring someone in a specific location area, it means that the talent pool is limited dramatically. Likewise, when hiring someone remotely, it means allowing yourself to find better-quality candidates by making the talent pool wider.

Furthermore, things are not easy once you have successfully made a remote developer hire. Importance shifts towards conducting the onboarding process correctly. Now more than ever, employers need to ensure a smooth transition for their hires and blend recently acquired employees into their roles as quickly and flawlessly as possible.

Looking for people with remote experience makes more sense

When building a remote team, recruiters should pay attention to the fact that the remote team requires a different skillset. Keep in mind that looking for people with remote experience makes more sense. We recommend to look for tech talents equipped with a particular set of traits, to name a few:

  1. Autonomous work – Employees inside the remote team must be able to manage their time and make decisions independently.
  1. Colleagues collaboration – Look for adaptable talents, open-minded, and conscientious. They have to get on board fast and start contributing to the team efforts in the remote environment. 
  1. Proactive communication –  Scattered in different locations, remote team members have to communicate with each other on a large scale. Each team member needs to think about being on the same page with colleagues constantly. Virtual meetings or any different mode of communication should be sufficient. 

When working remotely, it’s crucial to maintain self-motivation on a high level. Taking initiatives on different projects, or just being self-disciplined makes remote working team members ready to accomplish tasks without overlooking. Candidates without these qualities will be inevitably a bad fit.

Unlike technical skills, evaluating candidates for remote working skills is even more important. With a focus on soft skills, it usually takes time to learn and adapt within new working environments (you can’t just easily upskill or train your candidates). Potential remote working employees can adopt or develop soft skills, but most probably not as fast as required. They are supposed to have them already.

In a remote working environment, these traits have to work from the very beginning. Otherwise, it tends to make things difficult for everyone on the team. 

Pursuing the dream candidate when  hiring remotely

When looking to remotely hire tech talents, it means allowing yourself to find better-skilled candidates making the talent pool wider. Location-diverse workforce can cover more working hours and drive tech projects towards the finish status with completely new energy. Hiring remote employees can benefit your company by bringing in skills that are scarce in a current location. On the other hand, remote developer hiring allows software developers to pursue the job they really want with no need to relocate and eases the workload of the human resource departments due to fewer physical efforts. 

When taking remote working into consideration, it’s always important to keep an eye on expenditures. In that sense, remote working contributes noticeably, reducing allocated funds for shared co-working spaces, office costs, and food and beverages. 

Remote working and hiring insights by industry leaders

Many companies are still struggling to adjust their hiring and onboarding processes for fully remote positions. For this reason, we have turned to the industry leaders to learn from their experience on how the pandemic crisis has affected their businesses and converted them to remote working and remote developer hiring companies. Watch “Remote working & remote hiring” panel discussion recorded during the WeAreDevelopers Live Week!


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