Tech recruiting just got easier with a new way to create job ad
March 3, 2021
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Tech recruiting just got easier with a new way to create job ad

Rudi Bauer
Rudi Bauer
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WeAreDevelopers helps you find perfect tech talents with an all-new company journey update.

Tech recruiting has never been more competitive than right now. Your company is probably looking for software developers at this very moment, putting the entire recruiting team under pressure. The whole process is hard enough, split between screenings, interviewing, and negotiating, while the job ad creating process becomes pushed into the secondary plan.

We wanted to help recruiters to make their essential work a bit easier.

Make your job ad stand out

Hiring great talent starts with a compelling job ad. Having a punchy job ad is simply not enough. As software developers get bombarded with tons of job offers every day, it’s up to recruiters to make their job ad stand out.

We have revamped our job ad creation to make it even easier for you to attract candidates.

job ad generator, tech recruiting

Keep it simple and make your job title specific. Targeted job titles are more efficient than generic ones!


1. Now you can choose between multiple locations and REMOTE work as an option

job ad generator, tech recruiting

2. Dev’s salary - still a decisive factor. Let’s use it in a smarter way!

Easy to use slider salary range selection informs tech talents what they can expect. As developers' first company, we want to advocate that mandatory minimum salaries are always visible. Transparency wins the hearts of developers.

job ad generator, tech recruiting

3. Keep job descriptions short and straightforward

job ad generator, tech recruiting

4. Finally, select from available price plans and publish your job ad!

job ad generator, tech recruiting

Job ad creator that goes along with the hiring trends

To attract the best tech talent, you will need to work on your employer branding and online recruiting strategy, as well. However, our upgraded ad creator includes features that makes job creation straightforward and precisely targeted:

  • Developer audience estimates: Get an idea of how many developers you can potentially reach each step of the job-creating process.
  • Real-time job ad creator: Speed less time creating job ads with the real-time ad creation process that includes all the essential elements your job ad needs.
  • Save as draft: Not ready to publish your job ad? Save it as a draft and publish later.

The only thing left is for you to try our all-new company journey update!


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