Tech tools to help you onboard an international team
May 27, 2020
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Tech tools to help you onboard an international team

Petra Botekova
Petra Botekova
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The relocation process is often still manual, time-consuming and – if not well managed – pretty frustrating. Recruits are dealing with a life-changing situation during onboarding team procedure, switching to an entirely new working environment. When onboarding international team, HR personnel is aware that talent acquisition is only the first step in the candidates’ experience and not that last. 

Companies sometimes tend to neglect that candidates' experience doesn't end once they sign an employment contract.  Besides learning about the company and internal processes, relocated hires will be looking to understand the company culture or to get to know new colleagues. Recruits have to learn about cultural differences and to get first orientation in the country of relocation. Let's not forget that they leave family and friends back home and look to establish a new social network abroad. Recruiters usually have an onboarding team program prepared. However, when your new hire has up-rooted their entire life to join your team, then an onboarding team program has to go beyond paperwork and an office tour. 

Remember these questions when onboarding team remotely

Let’s assume that you have recruited several employees from abroad, wondering on how to onboard and integrate them into the new team? Besides, the current pandemic crisis brought a new dimension of problems with uncertainty around international hiring. You are asking yourself, will the new hire be able to relocate? Is it possible to engage with the relocation/onboarding process remotely?

The crucial question about onboarding recently recruited tech talents is to assess how they will get to know their future team and the company culture if they can’t move? In these situations, technology can step up and ease up the process. So, let’s have a look at how tech can solace this issue on the example of the ReloPilot app. 

ReloPilot is an HR-tool that combines digital and personal support to help businesses onboarding and integrate talent from abroad. It covers all relocation & integration steps, from visa, home search to social integration and more.

Let’s say you’re hiring a data scientist from Israel, who is about to relocate with his whole family to Vienna.

As a recruiter, you might get all sorts of questions like:

  • What’s the current Covid-19 situation in Austria? When will I be able to relocate?
  • How about my partner? Will she/he be able to find a job in these difficult times?
  • Can I start looking for an apartment while I’m still in Israel?

If you’re like the most HR professionals we know, you are happy to help but don’t have the time to answer every question individually. You might be using a relocation cheat sheet or work with an ex-pat relocation agency, but the COVID-19 uncertainty might raise a bunch of entirely new questions.

Reduce the question load

Once you’ve signed the contract, you give your new recruit access to the app that includes all relevant relocation-related information. It is important to minimize the “question load” that would normally end up on your desk.

You can also decide to give recruit a small additional budget before they move. Recruits can utilize expert know-how in the app marketplace with a preselected pool of freelance consultants. Your employee can talk for an hour with an immigration expert that answers all their “how-to”, “when” and “how” questions. If they have a partner alongside, she or he can also take an hour of job coaching to get the first impression of the Austrian job market.

But what about integration?

We’ve found when it comes to team & culture integration. Small details make all the difference. Whether that’s:

  • Assigning your new employee a buddy
  • Organizing regular Q&A sessions with other more experienced employees around diverse topics like housing, culture shock, company culture etc.
  • Creating, i.e. the Facebook group to give them a safe space to exchange

Start the onboarding process immediately

To create a successful transition inside the remote international team, start the adjustment process immediately after confirming the job placement. Especially as you don’t know how much obstacles could create current COVID-19 situation.

Provide recently recruited talents with educational resources on culture, language and daily life. You will allow them to experience life without the pressures of a new job, respecting the unpredictable COVID-19 situation.

Working together with corporations, SMEs, and fast-growing startups, the ReloPilot founder team realized that all of them are facing the same challenge. A growing number of international recruits stemming from the lack of talent in the local job market, but not knowing how to best on-board and integrate them into the new team and culture. You can find further details about the ReloPilot solution on the link. This blog post is a guest contribution by Petra Botekova from ReloPilot.


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