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Become an Event Partner

Become an Event Partner with WeAreDevelopers

As a partner of WeAreDevelopers, your company can shine through the rest when attracting the best and the brightest developer talents. All while being placed in the very center of Europe’s largest developer event community.

Google, Microsoft, IBM, Bosch Global, Volkswagen Group, BMW Group,
 and many other industry-leading enterprises have been working with us to connect and engage with our audience of web developers, software engineers, and IT decision-makers.

Our partners choose to boost their Developer Marketing, Employer Branding, and C-Level Networking through having Exhibition Spaces, Speaker Engagements, Workshops, and Panel Discussions specifically tailored to their needs.

We can actively help you with creating the right message, content, and theme, in order to successfully approach your audience.

The WeAreDevelopers World Congress 2019 will take place from the
 6th to 7th June 2019 in Berlin, connecting more than 10,000 developers
 with hundreds of tech companies and over 150 speakers on 33,000m2 of interactive, high-tech space.

Without further due, let’s discuss your exclusive appearance at our events that gather crowds of 100, 1000 or even 10,000 developers in one place. It will be our pleasure to introduce you to the partnerships that we offer.

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Hire Developers with Talent Solutions

Why is Talent Solutions the best way of finding and hiring developers for your team?

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100% Pre-evaluation

Our  Talent Managers ensure that all candidates match your requirements and are highly interested in working with you.

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Workload Optimization

We actively communicate with developers from moment one to signing of the contract, significantly reducing your time and resources invested in the recruiting process.

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Easy Interface

You always have an overview of your developer interview and hiring progress.
(Re)activate your developer streams whenever you need them.

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Total Cost Control

We keep the entrance barrier low so that you can focus on what is important.

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The ROI gets better the more you need to hire.
You can save money and can forecast recruiting costs.

How did it work for others?

David Boutellier Co-Head of Drug Development, Kaia Health

We used WeAreDevelopers Talent Solutions to hire candidates for both frontend and backend. The WeAreDevelopers Talent Solutions team was very proactive and did a great job in understanding our hiring needs well. Candidates were presented swiftly and they always ensured that both us and the candidates are well informed about the hiring process. The quality of the provided candidates was very high overall and included a more diverse skill set than we could find through other channels. We always had full control over the process and could still apply our proven interview process without friction.

David Boutellier
Co-Head Of Drug Development, Kaia Health

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Want to see Talent Solutions in Action?

Consult with Tabs or Spaces

Our mission is to transform your company into a developer-centric organization and to close the gap that separates you from your target group of developers.

No matter whether you are hiring, selling to or marketing to developers, Tabs or Spaces can help with:

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We audit your company to provide you with a better insight into where you need to improve. This gives you a clear picture of where your organization stands and where improvements and actions are necessary.

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We design the strategies and activities in order to implement these measures in a disruptive way. We are developers and help you to move closer towards your target group. Recruiting strategy, Employer Branding strategy, Marketing & Sales strategy, Engineering Culture strategy, Diversity in Tech strategy, you name it – we’ll help.

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We guide you along the way in order to execute and continuously improve your developer-centric strategy.

Are you one of the Tech Leaders?

Klaus Straub (CIO & SVP, BMW)

If you had an audience of corporate decision makers and developers, what would you say about your company to show that you are one of the Tech Leaders in this industry?

What kind of technology are you developing that is fundamentally changing the way we innovate, create, collaborate, code and live sustainably?

Be a guest in our Tech Leaders video series and take an opportunity to share your mission, vision, and values with our C-level and developer audience.

Extend the reach of your brand by using this unique chance to explain your efforts in innovating for a better tomorrow.

Introduce us to your company’s innovative vision, yourself as a tech leader and let’s have a productive talk regarding the Tech Leaders Video Series.

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We had the pleasure of interviewing the innovative leaders who are determined to shape the future of tech into a more collaborative, productive and sustainable one by being putting maximum efforts into being ambassadors of emerging technology trends. Enjoy listening to the leaders who welcomed us to N26, BMW Group, Vodafone, Siemens, and many more found in the playlist below:

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Let the world know what your innovative vision is and how you will be reshaping the future of technology. Reserve your spot in the exclusive circle of tech leaders from BMW, Vodafone, Siemens and many more who got interviewed for our Tech Leaders Video Series.
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