WeAreDevelopers Live

Live session: Remote Working & Remote Hiring

Date & time: 15th May, 10:30 am (CEST)

Though it’s been a standard practice for developers for years, the current situation has highlighted the need for remote working and remote recruiting. Jumping into this new reality means rethinking established practices. To help you get off on the right foot, our speakers discuss ways to handle remote working and remote recruiting in your own company process.

Panel about remote working & remote hiring

In this webinar the speakers will discuss:

  • What has changed in their organization in the past couple or weeks? How did they manage the transition from office-based to remote working? What were the challenges, what worked smoothly, and why? What are the results of this transition?
  • How are they managing the necessity to recruit new talents remotely, without them ever meeting their colleagues in person?
  • How has remote recruiting been implemented, what worked well and what was difficult? How has the efficiency and quality of your recruiting activities been affected by the necessity to implement them remotely?
  • How will this forced shift to digital communication and collaboration affect their organisation and theirselves in the future?
  • What have they learned and what has their organisation learned from this rapid change and the measure that have come with it? What is their personal take-away from this experience?

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