Introducing the WeAreDevelopers App

We’ve long awaited this moment and finally, our app is ready to launch.

We are excited about our conference and move forward with our quest to share, follow, and connect with the different event we have in store for you this year at WeAreDevelopers Conference 2017. This is the biggest developers’ playground after all.

Stay up to date on the latest news, connect and communicate with other WAD attendees, receive live updates on conference sessions and events, and make your personalized schedule to make sure you attend only what matters to YOU… all from your mobile device.

Here are just some of the WAD app’s features…

  • Network and communicate with conference attendees and our growing WAD community
  • Access speaker profiles, exhibit, and sponsor information
  • Create your personal schedule and get notifications when an activity is about to begin
  • View the agenda in detail and get live updates on any changes
  • View the venue map and every activity location

Not to mention, you have the power to drive change and optimize your WAD experience by providing feedback during and after the conference. We want to hear everything.

Sign up and stay tuned. 



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