Startup Pitching at WeAreDevelopers Conference 2017

Pitch your startup at the biggest developers conference in Europe!

At the WeAreDevelopers Conference we are looking for the most promising startups and startup ideas on the market! Pitch your startup in front of our awesome jury:

Franz Salzmann


Matthias Ruhri


Philipp Kinsky

Herbst Kinsky, Day 1

Philipp Dubsky

Herbst Kinsky, Day 2

Stephan Jung

Managing Partner weXelerate

You can participate if you already have a startup and/or if you have an awesome startup idea in one of these categories:

Deep Tech

On the 11th and 12th of May you will have the chance to present your startup in a 5-10 minute pitch to our jury of investors from Speedinvest, Up to Eleven, Herbst Kinsky and weXelerate! Applications are open until 5th May 2017.

Step 1: Apply

Apply to pitch your startup at the conference.

Step 2: Participate

You will receive the information, whether your can pitch your startup at the conference.

Step 3: Pitchdeck

You will then create a pitch deck based on these guidelines and present your startup on the 11th or 12th of May.

Step 4: Winner

The two winning startups will be able to take advantage of the below incentives from the investors!

The Winner Gets…

Marketing Boost: We will interview and feature you in the WeAreDevelopers online magazine. The article will be distributed to all participants of the conference!
Up to Eleven: You will receive a place at the upcoming UT11 Academy, worth €2,500.
Herbst Kinsky: You will receive the Startup Founder Package:
  • Preparation of founder articles of association
  • Preparation of shareholder agreement, if necessary
  • Preparation of relevant side documents for the registration of the company with the commercial register
Speedinvest: You will be able to participate in a Fundraising Session with two Speedinvest Partners and get the chance to receive an investment from Speedinvest, one of Europe’s leading early-stage startup funds, for your (future) startup.
weXelerate: You will receive a ticket for the weXelerate Accelerator Program.
You are invited to join the 4 months weXelerate Accelerator program including mentoring from international serial founders and executives. Working together with corporates on your projects. Meeting international investors. Getting individual coachings and work-space.
weXelerate is a 8.700sq Startup and Innovation HUB in the center of Vienna.

Pitching Guidelines

To be perfectly prepared for your short pitch at WeAreDevelopers conference, please consider the following:

  • Short and concise elevator pitch: Describe what you are offering and why this is relevant
  • Problem you are solving and its solution
  • Business Model: How do you earn money
  • USP: What makes you special
  • Competition
  • Market potential
  • Team: Who are you

WeAreDevelopers GmbH, Garnisongasse 3/Top 9, 1090 Vienna, Austria.