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The available Workshops are:

Smart robots are invading our lives. In this session we look into integrating robots into software-controlled business processes. Using the example of Anki Cozmo and SAP Cloud Platform we show how to connect robots to the cloud. We demonstrate how to collect sensor readings from robots in a central database. Once in the cloud the data can be made accessible for visualization, analytics, machine learning and other data science techniques. We also show how decisions made based on the collected data can be used for remote controlling the robot. In this session expect to see some Cozmo SDK, Python and the SAP Cloud Platform Internet of Things Service in action.
Come brainstorm with us! Workshop attendees will collaborate in small groups to explore the trade-offs involved in architecting a high-scale, highly-available, permission-aware document search system. The workshop starts with an explanation of Palantir's access-control model and the requirements, considerations and trade-offs for a secure search system. Each group then has an hour to explore various decompositions, architectures, and algorithms for implementing a performant, permissions-aware search system. The workshop concludes with lightning-presentations by all groups.
What are the benefits of Cloud and what are the benefits of OnPrem? Are the disadvantages of Cloud = the advantages of OnPrem and vice versa? Or is the thought too easy? How are job profiles and working methods different? Experience with Michael Ramirez Ziegler, Head of SAP Cloud ERP and Matthias Waltz, Partner and Head of Product Development, two senior members of the Aicomp Group in collegial slugfest Cloud: OnPrem.

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