Developer Events

Developer Events.

Depending on the day or the mood, we meet in groups 
of 10 or 10,000 developers. Check out what are they usually about and feel free to join the madness.

What’s your mood?

Calendar of Dev Events

Plan ahead. Here are the upcoming dev events that we thought you might like.

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We code, we drink, we binge on pizza – meetups are where it gets real. Whether you are in our hometown Vienna or anywhere else in the world, take a look at the groups we hang out with or invite us to your own crowd:

Ping us at [email protected] and let’s hang out.

Dev Conferences

We really wanted to hang out with Steve Wozniak, Brenda and John Romero, Andreas Antonopoulos, Angie Jones, Mate Rimac and devs like them.

We found a way – we hosted an event with 8000 developers, 250 speakers, 100 workshop gurus and met in Vienna for 3 days straight – imagine that madness. Some dubbed it as Woodstock for developers. Officially, this was WeAreDevelopers World Congress 2018.

8000 developers

250 speakers

100 workshop

You missed out? No problem.
 We are already working on 
the next two big ones. 
Here’s what’s next:

WeAreDevelopers WorldCongress 2019

Behind every amazing tech innovation today are developers! Since 2015, once a year, on a (hopefully) sunny day, the global community meets at WeAreDevelopers, an event dubbed by many as the “Woodstock of Developers”.

CityCube at Messe Berlin

6–7th June

Over 10,000

More info

Dev Videos

If you’re looking for high-quality dev materials, here’s over 1,000,000.00 hours of pure developer insights. It’s time for Devflix & Chill. Voila.

Paint the Web with CSS

Eva Lettner 

Joel on Software

Joel Spolsky 
Stack Overflow

Building Programmable Money

Andreas M. Antonopoulos

DOOM’s Development: A Year of Madness

John Romero 

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