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Salaries in IT: Recent Figures (2022)

Current data on IT salaries in Europe & hands-on tips for finding developers on a budget.

First of all: There is no right answer to the question of how much a software developer should make. While top tech hubs such as Silicon Valley pay average salaries of up to 120,000 USD per year, developers elsewhere might be working for only 30,000 EUR gross.

This makes estimating the appropriate salary difficult, but there are guidelines employers can use for orientation.

Please note: Present salary report uses several sources, so the data on salaries and salary ranges may vary.

Das lernen Sie:
You will learn:
  • IT Salaries Worldwide
  • Top 10 Average Salaries Worldwide
  • Developer Salaries in Europe
  • IT Salaries in Germany & Austria
  • The Best Sectors for Developers
  • The Top 15 Highest-Paying IT Jobs in 2022
  • How to determine the appropriate salary
  • Should you show the salary in the job ad?
  • How to find developers on a budget

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