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Java, JavaScript, .NET, HTML, CSS, Node.js, Angular, DevOps

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checkContinuous feedback
checkAwesome co-workers
checkInnovative & design thinking
checkCommunicating transparently
checkFlat hierarchy
checkValues work/life balance
checkSupports personal development
checkFamily valued & supports parents
checkOffers mental health resources
checkRespect & trust

Work at IBM iX

We are IBM iX, the experience agency of IBM Consulting. 

A new kind of agency, accelerated by a century of human-centred tech expertise.

At IBM iX, we believe “Good Experience is Good Business”. That’s why we put human experiences first in everything we do. We help to shape a sustainable future: with products, services, and experiences that connect people. 

By combining the creative and agile spirit of an agency with the extensive industry expertise of a consultancy, we help our clients radically re-imagine the future of their business and then bring it to life today, together. 

We are more than 1,200 curious, open-minded, and proficient professionals, combining our creativity with speed, decades of in-depth industry knowledge, and the technological power of IBM. Our 10 studios in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland are extended by our Croatian agency family with 3 offices and great teams in Osijek, Varaždin, and Zagreb. 

Alongside our in-depth web and mobile tech expertise, we’ve fostered long-standing premium partnerships with leading digital experience platform (DXP), sales, CRM, and commerce software providers like Adobe, Salesforce, and SAP CX.

This allows us to provide impartial advice to our customers on future-oriented experience ecosystems, and to develop and implement end-to-end digital products and services.

Our internal academy and the extensive range of trainings offered by our technology partners and IBM enable our employees to build the skillset needed for the development of complex digital solutions. 

Our teams guide people, brands, and organisations in an agile and collaborative way: from analysis and concept via business case, design vision, and MVP development to roll-out and operations. In this way, potentials are identified, business processes rethought, and user-centred digital experiences created. 

Who we are
Kick off your career

Steps of your application at IBM iX

  • Step 1: Apply for a position with us
    Take your chance to tell us what you are looking for and what you have achieved so far. Simply upload your CV. A cover letter is optional - but recommended for applications in a junior position.
  • Step 2: Get to know each other
    You may receive an invitation to a first call with one of our recruiting consultants. This depends on your CV and the position you are applying for. Sometimes we call you without making an appointment, if you can take our call spontaneously. This is the perfect chance to clarify open questions and to get to know each other briefly. This conversation usually lasts about 14 - 45 minutes.
  • Step 3: Let ́s focus on skills.
    This is the first topic-focused conversation where you learn more about role-specific issues and aspects. Use the exchange to give us deeper insights into your previous experience and skills. How can you contribute to our team? Feel free to prepare as well and ask your questions to us. This exchange usually takes about 30 - 60 minutes.
  • Step 4: Show us your talent
    In some cases, we would like to give you the opportunity to demonstrate your skills with a practical task that matches the requirements of the advertised job or position. This could be a coding assessment or a presentation, for example.
  • Step 5: Let ́s focus on skills & culture
    In this step you will meet your potential line management and other experts from our teams. Feel free to ask any questions that you were not able to ask in the previous process. The goal is to get to know our corporate culture and our way of working better. This interview usually takes a little longer than the previous ones, so make sure you allow about 60-90 minutes of your time.
  • Step 6: Wrap it up
    You'll receive our response as soon as possible after your final interview - and we'd love to hear your feedback as well. Feel free to send us an e-mail. At this point it's get hired or let ́s stay in touch! If you enjoyed our application process, we'd love for you to spread the word: we're hiring, we're growing, and we're ready to create a better digital future with you!
  • Please note: some processes may look slightly different due to individual needs. We look forward to hearing from you!
Just-in-time Compilation in JVM

Learn Barista skills for Java code ☕️

On September 1, our colleague Daniel Strmečki, PhD gave some hot insights into the world of one of the most important programming languages. In his 45-minute session about Just-in-time Compilation in JVM, he explained how a combination of an interpreter and a JIT compiler enables both high performance and platform-neutral execution of your Java code.

Missed the talk? No worries, we saved the recording for you.

Click here:

Hands on Web Share API

Hello world, welcome to my first post!
In this one, I will explain what the Web Share API is and what you can do with it. If you didn't work it yet, maybe you give it a try in your current or next project.

The Agile Truth

Welcome to the Agile Truth: a podcast by IBM iX! This is your weekly 5-minute chunk of honest agile experiences made by our digital experts at IBM iX. Every episode of our podcast deals with a different agile topic, but the mission stays the same: To provide you with the most valuable insights for your work as an agilist.

Meet IBM iX

We aim to bring people together, share knowledge, exchange ideas and create experiences. Why? Because we believe in the power and advantages of communities and networks. Join our Meetup network and find out more about our upcoming online and offline meetups!

What´s New for Developers Moving from Java 11 to 17?

On January 12, our colleague Daniel Strmečki gave us the answer to the question: What´s new for developers moving from Java 11 to 17?
Missed the talk? No worries, we saved the recording for you.

Welcome to our new home

This is where the iX agency family from Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Croatia comes together under a new name: IBM iX.
Let’s get proud and loud out there with IBM iX DACH!

Aperto and become IBM iX

"The rebranding of the IBM subsidiaries creates a strong new type of service provider for digital transformation in the DACH market: consulting, digital agency, design studio and tech company all in one."

Do you want to read the whole story? Click here for the blog post:

An interview with Christian Schimanski – Head of Frontend

He started as a Junior Developer and never imagined that he would now - more than 10 years later - lead a team of nine experienced developer at the IBM iX Studio Dusseldorf.

In an exclusive interview about his journey at IBM iX, Christian offered us great insights into his daily business, highlights from the past years, the technologies and working methods he’s been using and even shared a fun fact with us.

Find the whole article here:

Hungry for a great talent experience?

We are constantly trying to find new ways to meet, exchange and inspire. This is why we’re now part of Career Lunch, a platform that offers us the opportunity to connect with talents for a casual lunch or coffee break and give authentic insights on how we work, our culture and opportunities at IBM iX.

The process is really easy: Sign up with your LinkedIn profile, choose a convenient location on site or virtual, a background and meet our colleagues in a relaxed atmosphere.

You will get a selection of dates and time slots to choose. Once you have fixed your date, you can sit back and look forward to your lunch date.

The way to your date:

Developer jobs at IBM iX

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