supervisor_account Qonda GmbH
room Wiesbaden, Germany
stars Intermediate
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software developer (f/m/d) / wiesbaden & remote at Qonda GmbH


• A proactive way of working and a desire to tackle and implement things
• An international mindset as well as curiosity and courage for change
• Degree in computer science, electrical engineering or other relevant fields in software development
• Proven experience in complex software development from ideation to design, implementation, deployment and monitoring.
• Experience in DevOps lifecycle with knowledge in industry standard DevOps toolchain
• Deep knowledge in Javascript. Knowledge in other languages such as C#/.net are a plus.
• Knowledge in WebRTC and underlying protocols such as TCP, UDP, RTP etc.
• Knowledge in video technology and tools like Gstreamer and FFmpeg is a big plus
• Understanding of major cloud computing platforms (AWS, Google cloud, etc.) and the ability to integrate their solutions effectively into projects
• Understanding of frontend technologies and necessary stacks (Vuejs, Angular etc.)

Scope of Work

• Development of state-of-the-art solutions for real-time communication and AI
• Responsible for conceptualization, design, implementation and monitoring of complex software
• Responsible for ensuring a clean codebase
• Responsible for integrating DevOps pipeline and/or improve existing pipeline
• Close cooperation with the dev team and application managers


• Existing VSOP - Virtual (Employee) Stock Option Plan
• Varied tasks in a highly motivated team and a responsible corporate culture
• An interesting job in an internationally oriented and agile working environment - at the same time, the owner-managed company offers flat hierarchies and short coordination paths
• The opportunity to quickly take on a high level of responsibility


Applicant Location Requirements

in  Wiesbaden (Germany).

About Qonda GmbH

In a world where it only takes a few clicks to connect thousands of people in online conferences across national borders, a simple solution should be available for real-time communication in all languages and at any time.
 qonda is an intelligent software platform that enables web meetings, conferences, livestreams, trainings or 1:1 conversations in different languages in real time and overcomes language barriers.
 With the combination of "real" interpreters and artificial intelligence, we develop solutions for companies, organizations and institutions worldwide to reach employees, customers or suppliers in their native language. Simple, cost-effective and climate-friendly.

We are a team of event and communication experts, interpreters, IT and software professionals, engineers and entrepreneurs, founded in Wiesbaden in 2020 and growing ever since.

To carry our vision further, we are looking for open-minded personalities.

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