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PHP, JavaScript, Go, Angular, React, Docker, Google Cloud Platform, Kubernetes

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checkDiverse team
checkAwesome co-workers
checkSupports personal development
checkFailsafe environment
checkOffers mental health resources
checkOptions for working remotely
checkRespect & trust
checkShare & grow together

Work at METRO Markets GmbH

We work for those who wake up every day and want to make a difference. The ones who took their dreams and turned it into their own business.

We create the future of B2B commerce by giving business relationships a platform. Our marketplace enables millions of business owners all over the world to focus on what they do best - delight others.

Our product, the METRO Marketplace:
Marketplace GermanyMarketplace Spain

DataArt & METRO Markets: People Are the Key to Sustainable Innovation

When we had the ambitious goal to go live with our first marketplace within 9 months (Sept. 2019), we needed a reliable partner to master this challenge. Thank you DataArt for being driven and passionate partners, colleagues, and friends. Without you, this milestone would not have been possible!

Marketplace meets React – our internal hackathon

Why would we consider to re-build our METRO Marketplace in React in just 2 days? Performance! See the outcome here, and read the full article on our LinkedIn company page, here.

Movember 2021

♥ This year again, we raised awareness and funds for the fathers, brothers, sons and friends in our lives this Movember. To do this, we needed your help – and you delivered: Thank you so much for all your donations!

Testicular/prostate cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer in young men. By 2030 Movember will reduce the number of men who die prematurely by 25%.

Thank you, Michael, for creating awareness and for your continued commitment to our mental and physical health! ♥

Our Values

We are a fun bunch of open-minded people working together on great stuff. The culture, that each of us brings along, is essential to our daily work. With their beliefs, every METRO Marketeer contributes to our shared understanding of community. Thus, being ourselves is important to us.

MM at beyond tellerrand, Nov 2021

Have we met? This year we went to beyond tellerrand at Capitol Theater in Düsseldorf! Great talks, interesting people - creativity meets technology!

Oktoberfest 2021

O'zapft is! Our first company party since 2 years - and finally we got to see each other face to face after mainly remote work. Great time with the Palma Marketeers in Düsseldorf! Highlights during the day: Of course the quality time we spent together at the office before the party, including Bachata lesson, and pingpong and table kicker contests!


If you could go back in time and give your younger Self an advice, what would it be?
Let's raise aspirations of young girls by connecting them with female role models with diverse backgrounds. Let's change the future for girls!Thanks for your inspiring words Cláudia, Stephanie, Theodosia, Melina, Raquel, Maria and Chiara!

CO2-neutral interior design at our office

Looking for a place to grow and become the best version of yourself? On our journey to CO2 neutrality, we created modern, dynamic spaces with natural material in our new office in Düsseldorf. Among other things, we worked with wall felt, chairs and matching cushions made from recycled PET bottles and CO2-neutral carpet-tiles. It was particularly important to us that the Marketeers feel comfortable and inspired in their working environment. Long lasting solid birch plywood, many green plants to improve air quality, as well as bright colours provide the necessary feel-good factor and give room for new ideas.
Thanks to Interface for the certificate about the compensation of 33 metric tons CO2 with our 3.541 m2 of carpet!
Thanks to Sven Urlselmann for selecting the amazing interior!

2 Years METRO Marketplace

On 02.09.2019 we initiated the METRO marketplace, unknowingly but full of excitement about what the future will bring.
MM was at its beginning, the atmosphere and approach were start-up-like. But given your future is created by what you do today, not tomorrow (R. Kiyosaki), we knew we were on the right path.
Looking back, much has changed in the past 2 years, but the essentials remained: Although we grew as a team, we still enjoy the great atmosphere and the unifying knowledge, that we built an amazing marketplace from scratch together.
Today, we count more than 600 partners from the hospitality industry to sell over 600.000 products, and two marketplaces!

Dear Marketeers, with your passion you enabled millions of business owners all over the world to focus on what they do best – delight others. Keep the spirit up and continue to make these platforms a huge success.

Symfony Messenger in microservices: message contracts and resilience

Which libraries do you use when building communication between PHP microservices via message bus? Though this task does not sound uncommon, we ended up with custom implementation on top of Symfony Messenger component. In this article I will try to share the most important concepts of our in-house solution. -by Dmitrii Tarasov
What did we try to solve?While building our ERP system (a kind of mix of supply chain management, order processing, and accounting) we followed Spotify team model, where a team is split into smaller squads and tribes, which aim to be as autonomous as possible. This (according to Conway’s law) led to implementation of technical solution trying to reflect independence of teams.

Read the whole article on Medium!

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