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Work at anynines

anynines is a company focused on planning, building and operating modern application developer platforms. anynines has years of experience of automating the delivery of enterprise grade platforms based on various technologies. This comprises platform technologies such as Kubernetes and Cloud Foundry.

The development of cloud-native web applications with Ruby on Rails & JavaScript as well as the cloud hosting of web applications completes the portfolio, with which national and international companies in their digital transformation are being supported.

The headquarters in Saarbrücken is situated at the campus of the Saarland University - and is easily reachable by public transportation or by car. The office in Berlin is located within the Scaling Spaces shared office space directly next to the subway station Osloer Straße.

anynines Headquarters Saarbrücken

Our office is located on the campus of the Saarland University. Our offices are located on the top floor of the high-rise building. A great view is therefore guaranteed ;)

High Availability Cloud Data Management – How our Team masters the Data Service Challenge

Cloud Computing has changed the way applications are being developed and how services are being operated. The a9s Data Services team has always been part of this change by leveraging popular open-source data services and making them consumable on modern Application Developer Platforms, commonly known as Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS).

However, operating high availability data service clusters at scale comes with many challenges. Learn how our team of highly skilled professionals solves those challenges, so that companies can focus on their core business objectives rather than on operational overhead.

Read the full article on our blog:

The Challenges of Onboarding People With Zero Cloud Foundry Experience: A Newcomer's POV

Every developer starts off as a rookie. Even when taking into account those rare, talented individuals that almost seem to absorb knowledge through their fingertips.
There is always a shared status: newcomer.
From the perspective of onboarding, multiple factors come into play. While the person being onboarded is arguably the most important one, we also have to look at our approach: Is the process too technical? Do we require a historical background to the topic at hand? Is the topic overly complicated? Can we mitigate this?
In this video Martín will share some of the challenges in onboarding people with no experience in Cloud Foundry from a newcomer's perspective. He will also cover the virtues of Cloud Foundry itself, its fast curve for beginners, and the ease of the continuous learning process for mid to high levels; which allow developers to transition almost seamlessly into the cloud ecosystem.

Kubernetes Training #1 · Introduction

The first part of this video tutorial session about Kubernetes that is part of a Cloud Computing Lecture is brought to you by anynines CEO Julian Fischer. Link to the online tutorial:

How to set up a PostgreSQL Data Service Instance (with anynines) | Part 1 – Creation and Binding

In this short video we show you how easy it is to create a Data Service Instance in Cloud Foundry and bind an app to it - just with a few commands.

Lifecycle Management of Operators

How to Do It and Why It Is Still an Unsolved Challenge

Are you building your first  Kubernetes extension but have no idea how to deploy and manage its lifecycle? 

In this article, we will discuss the general tasks of an operator and, right after diving into the details of the lifecycle of an operator. We will then evaluate different tools that have emerged in the Kubernetes eco-system and discuss how suitable they are for handling the lifecycle of operators at scale.

But What Is Lifecycle Management? 

First, let’s take a step back and focus on lifecycle management and what that is. 

In essence, lifecycle management aims to automate tasks arising during the life of an application, like the setup and installation, as well as typical second-day operations such as updates and migrations or regular tasks like taking a backup.

In the Kubernetes context, such cases are usually handled by the operator(s) of the application. 

Read the full article on our blog:

Error Handling in GO

GO uses its capability to return multiple values for error handling, meaning that errors in go are regular values returned from a function. The developer must check the returned error value and handle it accordingly.

Error handling can quickly become non-trivial. You may want to change your behaviour if an error occurs, either substitute the failed functionality to increase fault tolerance or display an easy-to-understand error message to the user that does not intimidate them with long traces.

If your software is large, you will want to introduce abstractions between packages to increase readability and reduce cognitive load on developers. Errors can be an easy way to break those abstractions.

On the other hand, you also don’t want to lose information from errors that may be useful for debugging or monitoring. There is no single solution, and depending on your requirements, you may want to adopt one of the solutions described here.

In this series, we will show you different approaches to tackling these issues ordered by the complexity of the requirements you may have...

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