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Work at diconium

Digitalization has no limits. It is never-ending, never complete. And it determines our work processes – from strategy development to sales.

In digitalization, everything is connected. That is why we've been enabling leading companies for digital commerce with our entire expertise since 1995. From strategy, technology, data, to organization and transformation – end to end. Helping them to master every challenge. Transforming strategy and operations into powerful results. And taking the next crucial step forward. By pushing the limits of what it means to scale digitally.

Our goal: Providing every client, every employee, and every company with the tools, organizational capabilities & skills they need: To become protagonists of digitalization and to forge their own successful paths. In a digital ecosystem in which they can grow. Outpacing their competition. Always able to inspire and convince with their creativity and passion. To unleash their digital potential.

We are working on this every day with more than 1,400 colleagues at our worldwide locations in Europe, North America and Asia. For industry leaders and challengers such as Volkswagen, Bosch, STIHL or Kodak Alaris.

DRIVE YOUR LIFE - Marcus and Eric in Stockholm

What the #vlog? This video of Eric is really epic! We strongly recommend you to invest 7 of your precious minutes for this exercise: to delve into the fantastic vistas of Stockholm, listen to Eric's chat with our Managing Director Marcus Worbs about hybrid working and accompany both visiting the #Epicenter Stockholm where they talk with Epicenter CEO Patrick Mesterton about the future of working. 
And don't miss our 'drive your life' blog – created by our adventurers Lisa, Eric and Jennifer just for you!

#DriveYourLife #HybridWorkplace #RemoteWork #Workation #WorkAndTravel #DigitalChampion #diconium

Meet Anja! Senior Consultant IT

"When I have free time, I like to spend it doing yoga, playing guitar or studying Japanese." Our #DigitalChampion Anja Spaete, Senior Consultant IT & Salesforce Consultant, loves to learn — be it a new language or even a programming language, a culture, or topics like climate change and sustainability.

The many opportunities to expand her knowledge in these and other areas are therefore what she particularly appreciates about her work at diconium.

On #RewriteTech, Anja talks more about #mindfulness, digital sustainability and skills that every consultant needs. Here's the full interview: https://lnkd.in/e9ujDS2y

Do you want to become a colleague of Anja at diconium? Then take a look at our open positions!https://lnkd.in/eiZmVFA    

#CreatingDigitalChampions #ITConsultant #ITJobs #dioniumPartner #OpenPositions #diconium

F10 Fe:maleOneZero X diconium

OMG – so many great women! And that's just the tip of the iceberg. What we're talking about? About F10 Fe:maleOneZero, of course. And the remarkable #diconiumDigitalChampions they introduced you to over the past year. Each of them bringing their unique backgrounds and perspectives. 

A huge round of applause for our digital champions and all the other phenomenal humans working at diconium!

Wanna be part of the family? Then don't wait any longer and check our job postings: https://lnkd.in/eiZmVFA
#diconium #FemaleOneZero #CreatingDigitalChampions #DigitalTransformation #ITJobs #Developer #ConsultingJobs #Technology

diconium moves #B2Run

Before the fall weather forces us onto the couch, let's all move a little. Or even a lot! How about a run? In recent weeks, our colleagues in Hamburg, Stuttgart and Berlin have shown us how it's done. Clap your hands for this fantastic #teamwork 

#B2Run #DigitalChampions #Teamdiconium #diconium

Meet Digital Champion Vilius!

This week's #DigitalChampion is for sure not a couch potato! Get to know Vilius, Advanced Software Engineer and always-on-the-road type of guy. From skydiving in Belfast, powerlifting in Lisbon to motorcycling in Amsterdam – as often as Vilius has changed his location, he has also changed his hobbies.

Find out more about Vilius' journey to and at diconium and how magical it was for him to finally meet his team in person. 

Newbie advice also included. The full interview: https://lnkd.in/gR6CeHFe 

Wanna join our team? Then follow this link and experience the freedom of our #HybridWorkplace for yourself: https://lnkd.in/eiZmVFA  

10 Weeks of Workation, 1 Article: Drive Your Life

diconium invited three happy colleagues on a unique road trip, infused with unique encounters, technological marvels, fascinating accommodations, and a lot of fun — without missing a single day of work. Eight weeks on the road through Europe. Eight weeks of working and living. This is an excerpt from the drive your life blog. Welcome to Lisa’s Journey.

WORKATION | Our colleague Felix got some tips for you

Are you in the mood for workation? Then listen to our project manager Felix Schloß who has a few tips for you. He recently spent 6 weeks traveling and working in Scandinavia himself. It all went pretty smoothly as diconium lives the #HybridWorkplace concept anyways.  

But Felix, you tell. How was it?
 "We really enjoyed working abroad. We had the chance to permanently experience new things, to be on the road and to explore nature, villages and cities after work. Due to the midnight sun, we were also able to stay out late in the evenings.
 Of course, there were also days at work that went a little longer and when you were glad to just go to bed earl. That's part of it. After all, you just keep working as normal."
 And what tips do you have for our followers, Felix?
 “The basic requirement for working remotely abroad is the internet. Therefore, we always wrote to various hosts on Airbnb beforehand and asked about the average speed of the internet.
 Nevertheless, we wanted to be on the safe side. Therefore, I had gotten myself another SIM card with unlimited data volume as a backup, which I then also needed once or twice as a hotspot.

Most of my colleagues also didn't notice that we were in Scandinavia - successfully proving that remote working abroad works!”
 #RemoteWork #DigitalNomad #Workation #HybridWorkplace #WorkAndTravel #NewWork #CreatingDigitalChampions #diconium

F10 Fe:maleOneZero X Helen Orgis

In her mid-20s, our senior partner marketing manager Helen Orgis plunged into the world of tech and innovation. She is particularly fascinated by the world of ecosystems because "everything is interconnected"! And what helps her to unwind? A good podcast while going for a walk, time with her twins, and vacuuming to a good playlist.

> Thanks to F10 Fe:maleOneZero for featuring our #DigitalChampion.

> Learn more about Helen in the FemaleOneZero posting:

> Wanna be a part of diconium? Then check this out:

#DigitalTransformation #Innovation #Ecosystems #PartnerManagement #Empowerment #FemaleOneZero #diconium 

DRIVE YOUR LIFE - a diconium roadtrip - BLOG

The first round of #DriveYourLife has come to an end and, wow, what an amazing journey it has been for our colleague Lisa and her sister Vicky. 

Check out the blog:  https://lnkd.in/eGa6Fu_D 

> Full of motivation and ambition, they spent the last weeks travelling through Slovenia, Romania and Greece in our eco-friendly Volkswagen vehicle. They participated in exciting events, met other #DigitalChampions along the way and immersed themselves in new cultures - all while working.

> Lisa and Vicky, thanks so much for your insane flexibility, spontaneity, composure and your courage to be the first candidates to embark on this #NewWork journey with us

> Since every end also marks a new beginning, we are now thrilled to welcome Eric James McDermott. Let's start with roadtrip number two through Northern Europe!

>Here's the huge (and highly recommended) recap by Lisa, and very very soon, you can follow Eric's adventures. Don't miss the blog!  

 -> https://lnkd.in/eGa6Fu_D 

Meet Digital Champion Vanessa!

Every hour, every day, every year our colleagues create meaningful impact, move things forward and work as a team. Today, we want to introduce you to our partner and #DigitalChampion Vanessa Schmoranzer.
Her role is multifaceted – everyday she faces new tasks, new challenges and helps organizations to become more future-oriented. How to get there? – Vanessa has one clear and simple answer: “Close interaction with people and continuous communication.”
You want to know more about Vanessa’s tasks as a Partner at diconium? Read the full interview here https://bit.ly/3Gmu6Yi

#WinAsATeam! Our colleagues from Portugal participated in the Vodafone Half Marathon in Lisbon!

WinAsATeam! Recently, our colleagues from Portugal participated in the Vodafone Half Marathon in Lisbon. Of course, they all reached the finish line thanks to their great team spirit. We’re so proud of you, folks #collaboration #diconiumPortugal

You also wanna be part of a fantastic team? Then check out our job offers - and become a member of the diconium family.

ITJobs #Developer #UXDesign #OfficeLife #diconium

Today is #EarthDay | Karine Hübner - Head of Sustainability @diconium

Today is #EarthDay. You could argue everyday should be Earth Day – and you wouldn’t be wrong. We still want to use this date to reflect upon our responsibility and what the investment in our planet means for all of us.

You see, companies have an undeniable impact on society and the environment. Thus, to make an impact, sustainability has to become a strategy; we should use time, strategies, processes and capital to become sustainable in all three dimensions:

Environmental Economic *Social.

Particularly as a digital business, we must make sure that digitalization processes create a positive impact without creating (new) negative effects. For us, this means to translate our core values #courage, #collaboration, #mindfulness and #impact into a strong and reliable foundation. For months, more than 160 colleagues have been working in our „Digital Sustainability Hub“, a grassroot movement within diconium. Together, they have created a center of competence to ensure sustainable impact and the basis for our actions.

Last but not least, we welcome Karine Rübner on board who has joined the diconium group as Head of Sustainability. Karine will support us in increasing our efficiency with respect to our sustainability goals. We are so happy to have you, Karine

Meet Digital Champion Rodja!

Every year, week and day, our colleagues rock exciting, cutting-edge projects - steered by creative minds and organizational talents who never lose track of the big picture. Today, we want to tell you the story of our Senior Project Manager Rodja Marzschesky. He has been managing projects at diconium for more than ten years, loves to travel and is deeply attached to beautiful Swabia.

Wanna find out more about Rodja's experiences as a team lead and see why composure, communication and assertiveness are essential for a project manager? Then have a look: https://lnkd.in/eW9WKegS

Got inspired? Then feel free to check out our open positions and become a member of the diconium family: https://lnkd.in/gub9tQG2

Welcome To The Hybrid Workplace

On March 20, the home office obligation ended in Germany. So everyone back to the office? Not with us! Because we trust our employees - and we are convinced that everyone can decide for themselves where and when they prefer to work most productively - from home, on the road or in the office diconium provides the right environment: amongst others, we support our colleagues with home office equipment and offer flexible workstations as well as social meeting points at our 14 worldwide locations.

We call it #HybridWorkplace: our way of matching individual needs with collaboration, teamwork, and business requirements. Just as you'd expect from a next-level organization. You can find the details here - https://bit.ly/36HYyy8 Looking for more flexibility and self-determination? Then discover your opportunities in our career world. - https://lnkd.in/eiZmVFA

Presenting role models at  diconium -GETTING TO KNOW Florencia - UI DESIGNER

Born in Peru, raised in Canada, today with diconium in Berlin: our colleague Florencia has seen the world! And she's been staying curious, travelling the world and discovering cultures that inspire her and her work. What she loves most about her job as a UI designer? That she can solve people's problems when building products through the dynamic, versatile, and unique language of design.
Learn more about our role model Florencia in the F10 Fe:maleOneZero posting: https://bit.ly/3MZ25sUYou are a UI or UX designer yourself? Then apply with us: https://lnkd.in/eSXamaNv

Celebrating IWD 2022 with our initiative [email protected]

Just in time for International Women's Day this Tuesday, our colleagues have launched [email protected], a new and independent initiative by employees for employees. The goal is exchange, networking and creating new impulses on topics such as diversity, new leadership and female empowerment – not only for women, but for every diconium employee. What a great idea by really great people!

[email protected] was inviting Natascha Zeljko, Chief Editor of F10 Fe:maleOneZero, as moderator for the first panel. Together with our diconium colleagues Lunia, Christiane and Anja exciting points were discussed, and we were able to take away many valuable impulses – many thanks for the open exchange.

More than 70 participants from different diconium locations joined the online event. Thanks to everyone who tuned in. We are looking forward to the next sessions!

Sagar's workationing journey with diconium!

Sagar, Director Software Development at diconium, has been on a workationing journey for the last 12 months – from sub-tropical islands during the winter months, and across Germany during spring and summer. A showcase example of our Hybrid Workplace model: A mobile office, own digital workplace, no commute time, better work-life balance.
Digital Red Crabs Blog: Why We Became Digital Nomads / Workationers: https://lnkd.in/gBV5exf9You also seek for the chance to become a digital nomad? Here's how to drive your life: https://lnkd.in/eMfANkvM

drive your life: become a digital champion on the road | diconium

You've got a lot of experience, the respect of your colleagues and you can navigate through the challenges of everyday work with closed eyes. But where’s the adventure? Well, we feel you. And we give you the opportunity to break free and satisfy your desire for new impulses – first on the road, then way beyond! This is #DriveYourLife!

Apply with us and get your chance for an eight-week road trip through Europe with a partner of your choice or even your own familiy. We organize everything: Meet inspiring people, visit cutting-edge companies, dive deeper into the fields of Digital Growth, Digital Commerce and Digital Ecosystems, and explore the beauty of Europe. You’re a digital champion? Then join the team!


We boost your digital commerce.
We expand your digital ecosystem.
We accelerate your digital growth.

Our colleague Lunia Hara is one of the LinkedIn Top Voices 2022!

Congratulations, dear Lunia, we are so proud of you!

To all digital champions: Welcome to diconium!

Did you know that we focus on four core values in everything we do?

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