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Frankfurt, Germany


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Information Tech



dvrTech stack

PHP, JavaScript, HTML

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Link11 is a specialized European IT security provider in the field of cyber-resilience. The global protection solutions of the Cloud Security Platform are fully automated, react in real-time and defend against all attacks, including unknown and new patterns, in under 10 seconds. According to unanimous analyst opinion (Gartner, Frost & Sullivan) Link11 offers the fastest mitigation (TTM) available on the market. To ensure cyber-resilience, web and infrastructure DDoS protection, bot mitigation, API protection, secure DNS, zero touch WAF, secure CDN, and threat intelligence services, among others, ensure holistic and cross-platform hardening of corporate networks and critical applications. International customers can thus concentrate on their business and digital growth. Since the company was founded in 2005, Link11 has received multiple awards for its innovative solutions.

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