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Work at BusinessCode GmbH

For 20 years we have been a trustworthy partner for tailor-made IT solutions, which we develop together with our customers. Every day, more than 20,000 national and international users work with our solutions, which have their origin in Bonn. We know how to successfully implement IT projects for medium-sized businesses and major customers. Digitization begins with BusinessCode.
New: We are looking for Software developers!

Methodology distinguishes us

We offer individual IT solutions, which fit exactly to the requirements of our customers, and digitize complex workflows. We adapt the IT solution to the respective requirements and change existing processes.

We accompany all our projects reliably and continuously, right from the start. And, of course, we complete projects that have already begun.

You can rely on our word. A fixed price guarantee and adherence to delivery dates are just as much a natural part of our work as continuous communication with all parties involved at eye level.

Step by step to the solution

At the beginning there is the Analysis – at the end there is the Solution. On the way from A to S we work closely with our customers in order to meet the customer expectations. And that’s what it does when our solutions precisely reflect the requirements of our customers. Digitization means: Smart solutions from BusinessCode support the handling of our customers’ business processes. And this is exactly what we demand.

Step by step we define the requirements together and convert them into solutions. The goal: lean and efficient processes through tailor-made IT from BusinessCode.

Our solutions can be used flexibly and independently of individual specialist areas.

Important to know: We concentrate on the needs of our customers and select the appropriate technology.

About us

Founded in 1999 by Hanno Gehron in Bonn, Germany, BusinessCode stands for reliable software solutions at the highest level in complex environments. Long-standing employees are an integral part of the international team that serves customers worldwide from Bonn.

That’s who we are: The team of BusinessCode

Our current team of 20 consists without exception of IT professionals. All team members have many years of IT experience and academic backgrounds. BusinessCode stands for customer-oriented projects. And that means that each team member has individual skills that add up to more than the sum of the individual skills. Each team member takes responsibility for his or her projects and, if required, involve know-how of others. In this way, our customers benefit from the experience of the entire team without changing the contact person.
We speak numerous languages, move confidently in a wide variety of cultural environments and know what to do when the going gets tough.

We are your partner

Get to know the technology and business partners of BusinessCode!

That’s how we work

BusinessCode stands for IT competence from Bonn worldwide. Due to our many years of experience we know what is important in the projects of our customers. That’s why we work in mixed teams and speak several languages. Young developers and experienced project managers with know-how work hand in hand to find the best solution for our customers. The result: a successful mix of state-of-the-art technology and experience, based on our software library, which contains standard components that have been tried and tested over many years.
Digitization is becoming a must. Constant changes on the market make comprehensive and consistent digitization of all processes necessary. As digitization experts, we are confronted with a wide variety of requirements on a daily basis. That’s why we know what we are talking about and will accompany you specifically on your way to the digitization of your processes. Our solution: IT tailored to your requirements and not off-the-peg software. IT competence made by BusinessCode.
Our flexible teams work with proven components and always have our customers in mind. Individual solution means for us, individual teams, composed according to your requirements, work on your solution based on our standard components. Proven solution components, creatively used, extended and suitably modeled, result in your individual solution.
When digitizing your requirements, we do not necessarily map all existing processes digitally. Together with you – our customers – we look at your processes and check them if necessary. It is not unusual for some processes that have been used for many years to be simplified. Only then do we start with the digitalization. However, this is not a must. What counts for us: The software follows the processes and not vice versa. Basically, digitization must fit your company, implement your requirements and map your processes.
Choose a solution that is developed by an experienced and creative team that understands your needs.
We think in user-friendly solutions: Firmly calculated, quickly implemented, controlled by pre-tested modules and independent by standard technologies.
IT for Future made by BusinessCode!

Product design from the customer’s point of view!

UX assessment
We put your digital project through its paces. Our common goal is to design your product in such a way that you pick up and retain your customers even better. With our UX assessment, we identify any need for correction as a basis for the necessary adjustments to your projects. We always keep your business goals in mind.
Visual design
Visual design is the be-all and end-all. This applies to the website as well as to digital products, apps, etc. Increase the value of your website and solutions with unique, eye-catching, and converting visual design. We support you in finding and developing the right visual identity for you.
People-centred design
Modern design is characterised by the fact that the human being – the person for whom the solution or product is being developed – is at the centre. Thus, the design starts with the user and his or her needs. With this approach, modern solutions can be developed from the user’s point of view.
Product design
With UX, the design of the product is also done from the point of view of the customers, i.e., those who work with the product. That is why we work closely with the responsible product and development teams. The result is outstanding user experiences for any solution or platform. We accompany you in every phase of development.

Operation and modernization of existing applications

In most companies the software landscape has grown over the years. In many cases, a colourful mix of in-house developments and bought-in applications has emerged and is distributed throughout the entire organisation. In order to set up new digital processes here, the digital software landscape must first be tidied up, old applications must be switched off.
Cleaning up, not just switching off
Operation and maintenance of existing applications are our daily business. We take care of your IT systems and accompany you with an effective strategy on the way to implementing your innovative business ideas in terms of software. We know which solutions are needed in the future and which are not.
More performance at lower costs
Many companies spend 75 percent or more of their IT budget on keeping existing applications and infrastructures alive. We can help you make significant cost savings by selectively shutting down outdated and redundant applications. Shutting down old applications has many advantages and should be part of business planning. Talk to us!
Transparency and quality are our driving forces
Together with you, we work out the goals and the roadmap for upcoming modernizations. You know where you stand and how to proceed. Transparent and comprehensible. Step by step we will then implement the roadmap together. In doing so, we comply with industry-specific regulations and minimize your business risks.
Step by step
To determine which of the legacy applications should be taken out of service first, we recommend comparing the business value of an application and the costs incurred for support and maintenance. If the maintenance costs are higher than the benefits, you should shut down the application, but not without considering existing dependencies and providing solutions where necessary. We do this for you!
We make sure that your IT is always up to date. To do this, we rely on a combination of specially coordinated tools, infrastructure and organizational processes (DevOps) to improve the quality of the software and its development speed. Your software must fit you and your requirements.
Let us advise you:
BusinessCode plans together with you which tools you should replace or simply switch off, because surely you don’t need all the tools of the past. Many years of experience and comprehensive IT understanding are the guarantee for a tailor-made IT structure.

Business Analytics

Business Analytics (BA) is about the systematic analysis of company data as a basis for data-based decision-making. The digitalization of the economy is driving data growth, so the flood of data must be made specifically usable.
From data to information
With tWith BA you can gain insights that influence business decisions and automate and optimize business processes. Data and the information gained from it form the basis for targeted control and monitoring of companies – both strategically and operationally. Business decisions are directly dependent on the quality and structure of the database as well as the Effizienz and usability of the data management and analysis systems.
We know what’s important
Transparency, relevance, feasibility and daily results are the quintessence of more than 300 projects and systems with up to 10,000 users in this area. Therefore, our approach in creating an analysis system is based on these 4 pillars.
Tried and tested methodologies are our approach
With the help of our proven methodology, we ensure that your investment in data analytics actually supports you in achieving your business objectives. We define the appropriate target system with you and develop it in agile iterative steps.
Less is clearly more!
The application possibilities of BA are becoming more and more diverse! From the supply chain to quality and production optimization on the shop floor to customer journeys – you will only remain competitive in the long term if you take advantage of the associated flood of data.
Selected examples of our work:
Full, cross-functional transparency across all business areas (Operations, Finance, Sales) and products
Consolidated information – from CEO to shift supervisor with guaranteed consistency
Goal-oriented presentation – support of the continuous improvement process in the respective area of responsibility
Automated customer reporting – 100% in-line with internal processes
We rely on our unique full-stack application based on our BCD-UI. We will set up a first pilot application on your data within 5 days.
Let us advise you:
BusinessCode plans together with you which data should be examined, because not all data is relevant. Methodical competence, many years of experience and economic understanding are the guarantee for tailor-made BA projects.

Digitization of processes

Digitisation is becoming a must if we want to adapt to the constant changes in the markets. This is where tailor-made IT is required, rarely an off-the-peg solution. As digitisation experts, we know what we are talking about and will accompany you on your way to digitising your processes.
We think holistically
The important thing is that digitisation should be approached strategically. Of course, a digital process from the supplier to the customer is the goal, but its implementation should be done step by step. This is how experiences can be implemented in the next step. Trust us, we accompany you step by step!
And optimize your processes
Digitization of processes does not mean that you necessarily map existing processes digitally. First, the existing processes should be checked. Often these can be simplified first and then digitised.
How to avoid media disruption
Digitization also means that all data is digitally mapped from start to finish, without media breaks. The laborious transfer of data by hand should also be avoided. This requires functional interfaces between existing solutions in order to create the necessary consistency. We know what has to be done.
And rely on the right data
Use only the data that is really important. The better your database is, the more efficient the results of digitisation will be. Here, less is clearly better than more. The view from the outside helps to distinguish the important from the unimportant.
We involve all stakeholders
Include everybody involved! Everyone has to get used to change. That’s why it makes sense to discuss the digitization of processes with all those who are interested in the upcoming changes betroffen. In this way, existing concerns can be mitigated early on and possible stumbling blocks avoided. Together we will take your employees along on the way to the digitalization of your processes.
The right strategy for digitisation
Digitisation must suit your company, it must implement your requirements and map your processes. You can orientate yourself with others, but you should decide on a solution that reflects your processes. This also applies to your tools. Even if Excel is quickly available, easy to use and uncomplicated, it is not always the best solution. Let’s see what user-friendly alternative can be found when it comes to complex, business-critical applications and the final processes are fixed. For example, we think of our BCD-Cel solution, the user-friendly alternative: firmly calculated, quickly implemented, controlled by pre-tested modules and independent by standard technologies. An individual business application that brings advantages for IT and management!
But above all: Safety first
IT security must always be provided in the context of process digitalisation. With the right strategy, digitisation offers clear opportunities to increase IT security. We know which solutions you can trust and which fit your needs, whether cloud or web-based technologies.
Let us advise you:
Action, support, partial or complete project management: BusinessCode exactly meets your requirements. We offer successful and reliable software projects from development to completion. With proven, modern technologies we develop worldwide future-oriented solutions also for your digitalization!

Machine Learning

Machine Learning: IT systems recognize a pattern in existing data sets and are thus able to find independent solutions to problems. We accompany you on the way to find your machine learning based solution and implement it permanently.
On the way from model to product
We are experts in developing an idea into a productive, functional application. And this is exactly where we see the central challenge in the tasks in which machine learning methods are used. As a rule, this involves the evaluation of large amounts of data.
We work systematically
Our approach is systematic and designed as a multi-stage process. First we analysed your data, business processes and products. In this way, we find the actually relevant data, extract it and combine it into information in order to identify possible use cases.
And develop solutions
On the basis of the relevant use cases, we then develop targeted methods and models of machine learning. As a rule, mathematical algorithms are used here, which adapt themselves independently to further developments.
First test, then implement
In the next step, our solutions go through extensive test phases before we integrate them into your existing IT landscape.
We rely on scientific know-how
With this interactive and agile approach, we enable you not only to try out machine learning methods, but to embed them in your processes and products.
Let us advise you, the right data is the basis for successful AI solutions in your company as well.
In the field of machine learning, we also rely on partner companies and universities.

IT Consulting

Our IT experts support you with the experience of more than 500 projects of different in over 20 years on the market. Our team convinces with strong innovative ability through the combination of deep business and IT knowledge. On your way to digitalization you are in the best hands with us.
Here we are at home
Together with you, we identify your potential on the way to digitalisation and develop suitable strategies for implementation. Intelligent, innovative and pragmatic solutions are our daily business. We are independent in every respect, including IT solutions, of course.
Naturally safe
Security is becoming increasingly important. Take advantage of our experience in the field of IT security and conduct a targeted weak-point analysis with us. Then you will know at which points there is a need for action.
Appropriate service levels
Your service level management is in good hands with us. We coordinate your agreements, know how to evaluate them from a business point of view and make sure that they fit your requirements.
IT project management with substance
Targeted IT project management is our daily business. Trust us when it comes to your projects, on time and on budget. 100% delivery reliability with added value guarantee. The integrated view of business and IT is our recipe for success.
Off to the cloud
We accompany you into the Cloud, because nobody can avoid Cloud today. We work with you to define the right strategy and advise you on the choice, whether you choose AWS, Azure or Google, we know what to consider.
Business Intelligence
Rely on our expertise in analytics, business intelligence and data warehousing. The first step is crucial, here you should rely on our experience and make the fundamental decision together.
Independent and future-oriented
We know our way around and can advise you on the selection and implementation of Unix, Linux or Open Source solutions. The first choice is not always the right decision.
KI today for tomorrow
Machine Learning is the future, here we work together with hand-picked experts to accompany you from the use case to the implementation. Together we go step by step so that it fits and remains feasible.

Your career with BusinessCode

BusinessCode offers individual IT solutions on the basis of a grown, self-developed software library. We have more than 20 years of project experience and know the requirements of our customers. Our software library forms the basis of our customer solutions. It is the result of our customer-oriented approach and can be flexibly extended. It is used daily by more than 20,000 users worldwide.

How to apply

Become part of our experienced team! In addition to many years of IT experience and academic backgrounds, our team members are characterized by a high level of linguistic and cultural competence. BusinessCode stands for customer-oriented projects. At BusinessCode, you take responsibility for your projects and, if necessary, can rely on the know-how of others. In this way, our customers benefit from the experience of the entire team without having to change contact persons.

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