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Ulm, Germany


5001 or more


Agriculture, Cloud Computing, Transportation, Automotive, Industrial Automation, Logistics, Supply Chain

dvrTech stack

Java, .NET, Angular, Linux, Ansible, ASP.NET, ActiveMQ, .NET Core

gradeKey values

checkCommunity involvement
checkCommunicating transparently
checkFlat hierarchy
checkCollaborating practices
checkPromotes physical well-being
checkPromotes opportunities
checkValues skills
checkRespect & trust

Work at Transporeon | Trimble

At Transporeon - A Trimble Company, our mission is to bring transportation in sync with the world. Because the transportation industry in many areas lags behind what happens in our digital, transparent, data-driven and increasingly sustainable world. Around 30% idle capacity, millions of empty runs on our streets, long waiting times at ports, docks, and airports, and broken information and communication flows are the consequence. A problem that is big but that can be solved and one that we are deeply in love with.

Trimble, a global leader in advanced technology solutions, specializes in transforming industries through cutting-edge software, hardware and services. From agriculture to construction, transportation to geospatial solutions, Trimble empowers proffesionals worldwide to improve productivity, efficiency, and sustainability. At Trimble you too can transform the way the world works.

Both Trimble and Transporeon offer stimulating environments where creativity, innovation and collaboration thrive. Whether you're a seasoned professional or a fresh graduate, we invite you to embark on a journey of growth and fulfillment with us.

What does a...

Ready to refresh your idea of what it’s like to be a Project Manager?  

At Transporeon, it's all about independence and driving your own results. Having a lot of fun redefining the definition of ‘cool’ isn’t written in the job description – but it should be. 
This is Valentina. She works hard and delivers outstanding results, but we promise, she doesn’t really sleep in a tent in the office! 
If you’re looking for endless opportunities to grow, evolve and innovate, we’ve got them. Join us for your next adventure – check out our current opportunities now:
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Our Values

We’re celebrating the annual World Values Day with a reminder of our five values that embody our common identity across the organization – no matter who we are, where we work, or what our roles are.

Want to know what they are?

🧬 We trust...each other, our customers, our partners, and ourselves.

🧬 We transform...our industry and for this, we must continuously transform ourselves.

🧬 We are force multipliers...because we value the idea that 1+1 = 3.

🧬 We unite...within our company and with our customers by looking at our differences as opportunities for greatness.

🧬 We make it happen...because we are proud of what we do and all work passionately for our purpose.

Our values are here for us, and we’re here for them. This way, our Transporeon DNA always runs deep. Which ones do you relate to the most?

Your WHY matters - trailer
Our Career Site

Read more about us and our career opportunities from here.

Sebastian's growth story

Transform ideas into action - Because your code minimize the footprint of logistics

From dropout to technical manager: Sebastian, IT, transforming since 2013
I started coding very early and built my own computer games as a kid. At the same time, I neglected school and often skipped class. French and Latin were not my strong points at school. I then took a chance via a second educational path to get my high school diploma, putting coding in the background so as not to be left behind socially and professionally. Later, I studied history and sociology and, after various internships and a year as a full-time dad, I ended up back where I feel most comfortable: in IT.
At first, I only programmed websites for friends or my own gaming blog. But soon I knew that I wanted to turn my hobby into a profession and looked for an apprenticeship. Among others, at Transporeon.
Although the application deadline had already passed, I was invited to an interview, because the Hiring Manager in charge had a soft spot for my blog. We immediately hit it off and since then I've had several positions within the company. Through my continuous development, I went from IT-Trainee to software developer, transformed myself to Co-Team lead and later to Technical Manager at Transporeon — a transformation à la Transporeon, I would say.

Alicja, Java Developer: My personal story

Watch the video of how I transformed @ Transporeon.

Learning Weeks

When you’re roaming our Learning Landscape, freedom to explore is your main objective!
 That’s why each year, every Transporean receives their own personal budget to spend with a huge choice of online learning providers. This could look like an annual subscription to an online learning platform, a condensed online course, or paid access to research bodies.
 Everyone is free to choose and urged to make the most of the opportunity to keep learning while doing. Spend wisely!
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Cracow Vice

Curious to find out whether we’d be a great fit? Distract the dragon and load the Argumentation Booster™️ to find out if Transporeon holds the key to your future. Interview prep has never been this much fun. Play Cracow Vice today!

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