epilot GmbH

epilot GmbH


Cologne, Germany


51 - 200


eCommerce, Energy, Enterprise Software



dvrTech stack

JavaScript, Node.js, TypeScript, React, Amazon Web Services (AWS), PostgreSQL, GraphQL, Amazon DynamoDB

gradeKey values

checkContinuous feedback
checkAwesome co-workers
checkWorking across departments
checkCommunicating transparently
checkCollaborating practices
checkFailsafe environment
checkFlexible hours
checkPair programming
checkFast-paced environment
checkOptions for working remotely

Work at epilot GmbH

Are you ready to be a technology leader in the SaaS space? Join epilot!

epilot is building a SaaS product to sell complex products online, focusing first on solving ecommerce in the rapidly transforming energy market. Our mission: Make selling complex products as easy as selling a pair of shoes online.

As Software Engineer at epilot you will be a driving force in shaping this mission. What makes working as a Software Engineer at epilot so special? Our unique engineering culture is defined by a few core engineering principles:
Among others, you can expect freedom and responsibility because we hire smart people who we can trust. We operate by principles and expect our teams to cultivate a strategic mindset.

We believe in ownership: you build it, you run it. We subscribe to this core principle of the DevOps movement. There is no dedicated Ops team who you can pass on the responsibility to take your code and make sure it runs reliably and scales to customers’ needs.

You should always show, don’t tell: Deliver working software early and frequently. We believe in the basic Agile principle of “Release early and release often”. This approach helps us manage risk and make better decisions by creating fast feedback loops between ourselves and our users.

We design software API First. Before we write a single line of code, we design the APIs of a service in a way that any other team, whether internal to epilot or external, can use the APIs interface with our service without prior knowledge.

Does this sound like an environment you want to work in? Then you could bet the right person to be an engineer at epilot!

Check out our promise to you: promise.epilot.cloud

Tech Stack & Documentation

You are curious what's running our app? Check out our tech stack

If you are even more curious: read through our documentation aka. Dev Center

What our team says about working at epilot

You wanna know how it is working at epilot? Watch this video and find out!

First year as Head of Engineering @epilot - Killing the Legacy Monolith

Blog post: First year as Head of Engineering @epilot - Killing the Legacy Monolith

In this blog post, written by our Head of Engineer, Viljami, you will learn about what challenges he faced in his first year being Head of Engineering @ epilot. While you might not start as Head of Engineer, you can still get a feeling of would you can expect joining epilot and our engineering Team in particular.

Ready for take-off? - Your next challenge @ epilot

Are you ready for a new challenge?We at epilot are always looking for motivated people to work, but also have fun with! :)
Visit https://epilot.cloud/en/career and check out our current job openings.
See you then!

Life @ epilot

What are our devs at epilot doing all the day?Of course coding (mostly working on cool new features, and also some bug fixing in between, but mostly building cool new stuff!). But besides coding you can expect to have regular events like on carnival, our epilot summit, christmas parties, BBQs and some more events throughout the year. And of course we also host meetups. What we also do is so called "co-working-abroad". This means some of our epilots go somewhere (in 2021 it was Lisbon) and set up their workstations abroad. This year it will be in Mallorca.
So besides working on cutting edge technologies definitely also expect to have fun times with your colleagues.

How to get hired at epilot: step-by-step guide

Hey future epilot!You want to know how to become an epilot?
In a nutshell:

  • Apply
  • Phone/video call
  • Take-home coding assignment OR presentation of existing project
  • Final interview
    But if you want to know in detail: read more about our hiring process on dev.to: Click here
Dev testimonial

Being part of a family, where there's a stable mix of fun & challenges. Diversity & inclusion is that I love the most in my team, waking up every morning knowing that I'm going to have a blast at work is the best feeling."

SureshSoftware Engineer @ epilot

Developer jobs at epilot GmbH

supervisor_account epilot GmbH
language Remote from Anywhere
room Cologne, Germany
stars Senior
euro_symbol 60-90K
translate English
Amazon Web Services (AWS)
supervisor_account epilot GmbH
language Remote from Anywhere
room Cologne, Germany
stars Senior
euro_symbol 70-90K
translate English
Data Warehouse
Data Lake