Nekonata XR Technologies GmbH


Vienna, Austria


From 16 to 50


Consulting, Automotive



dvrTech stack

.NET, C++, C#, Unity, .NET Core, Scripting (Bash/Python/Go/Ruby), Unreal Engine

gradeKey values

checkContinuous feedback
checkAwesome co-workers
checkFlat hierarchy
checkValues teamwork
checkValues work/life balance
checkTogether at lunchtime
checkFast growing team
checkOptions for working remotely
checkShare & grow together

Work at Nekonata XR Technologies GmbH

Who we are 
NXRT develops immersive driving simulations with virtual and mixed reality for training, engineering, and retail. In the past 2 years, we raised 3,6€ millions to support our mission to become the leaders in XR simulations for the mobility industry, delivering cost-effective and scalable immersive solutions. 

What we do 


NXRT pioneered the "Car-as-a-Simulator" approach and launched the world’s first mixed reality test drive solution with Porsche in 2021. Our complete tech stack includes a sensor platform, a holistic toolkit for creation, and a robust mixed reality camera technology. We are ready to deliver end-to-end solutions to the industry - from point-of-sale experience to sales executives' training; from car test beds to engineering ADAS labs. 


Our simulations enable innovative and simple-to-use learning and training experiences without compromising on accuracy, real-world-complexity, or functionality. From shunting safety training to ETCS simulations, our platform can simulate the whole railway industry. The technology can target all end-devices, focusing on XR-First content. 

Developer jobs at Nekonata XR Technologies GmbH

supervisor_account Nekonata XR Technologies GmbH
room Vienna, Austria
stars Intermediate
euro_symbol 50-70K

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