Nekonata XR Technologies GmbH


Vienna, Austria


From 16 to 50


Consulting, Automotive



dvrTech stack

.NET, C++, C#, Unity, .NET Core, Scripting (Bash/Python/Go/Ruby), Unreal Engine

gradeKey values

checkContinuous feedback
checkAwesome co-workers
checkFlat hierarchy
checkValues teamwork
checkValues work/life balance
checkTogether at lunchtime
checkFast growing team
checkOptions for working remotely
checkShare & grow together

Work at Nekonata XR Technologies GmbH

Who we are 
NXRT develops immersive driving simulations with virtual and mixed reality for training, engineering, and retail. In the past 2 years, we raised 3,6€ millions to support our mission to become the leaders in XR simulations for the mobility industry, delivering cost-effective and scalable immersive solutions. 

What we do 


NXRT pioneered the "Car-as-a-Simulator" approach and launched the world’s first mixed reality test drive solution with Porsche in 2021. Our complete tech stack includes a sensor platform, a holistic toolkit for creation, and a robust mixed reality camera technology. We are ready to deliver end-to-end solutions to the industry - from point-of-sale experience to sales executives' training; from car test beds to engineering ADAS labs. 


Our simulations enable innovative and simple-to-use learning and training experiences without compromising on accuracy, real-world-complexity, or functionality. From shunting safety training to ETCS simulations, our platform can simulate the whole railway industry. The technology can target all end-devices, focusing on XR-First content. 


NXRT is making real immersive driving experiences possible with virtual and mixed reality.

Mixed Reality for Virtual Test Drive with cars in the showroom by NXRT

Here you can take a look at our Virtual Test Drive Solution with Mixed Reality. It is currently being used by leading car brands to educate salespeople and car buyers about the features of ADAS. We simulate the (sometimes risky) conditions in which the safety systems are activated, so that people can understand what the vehicles do in terms of automation. Driving and learning from a physical car in a virtual world is already a reality, and that's how it feels:

Developer jobs at Nekonata XR Technologies GmbH

supervisor_account Nekonata XR Technologies GmbH
room Vienna, Austria
stars Intermediate
euro_symbol 52-70K
supervisor_account Nekonata XR Technologies GmbH
room Vienna, Austria
stars Intermediate
euro_symbol 46-65K
Project Management