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About Zenjob

Zenjob is a Berlin-based jobs marketplace with a goal to empower the workforce of tomorrow with innovative technology. We envision a world in which everyone has full control over their working life. We already enable part-time jobbers to decide when, where, and how to work with just a few clicks. Our service is available in over 30 cities in Germany and with our recent launch in the Netherlands and an upcoming launch in the UK, we want to gradually open up new international markets. Our growth financing round of $50 million (€45 million) from February 2022 will enable us to achieve that. We are using the funds to accelerate our expansion in Europe, scale our platform, and add new data-based automation features for our rapidly growing customer base. 

Engineering at Zenjob

Technology is core to Zenjob's vision. Our engineers from all over the world are building the services that power our platform – our mobile and web apps, our matching core, and the digital document management system. Engineering works alongside Product to support every department to create value for our users and customers. We love to adopt new technologies, and strive for ownership and excellence to build the work platform of the future. To achieve this goal, we base everything we do on our 5 engineering principles: speed, simplicity, stability, scalability and security.

Zenjob wants to create a great experience for both talents looking for work, and companies searching for part-time help. To meet our users needs we are organized into two value streams with multiple cross-functional teams. A third value stream provides the infrastructure, as well as shared services.

On top of that, we are building an internal engineering community that supports our growing team and maintains best practices and technical excellence throughout the department. Building a large scale platform is not only a technical challenge, but an exciting social and organizational one as well.

Bring Your Whole Self to Zenjob

We know that diverse teams build better products, and we care to create a welcoming environment for everyone. With this in mind, we want to build our teams, cultivate leaders and create an innovative and successful company. This is a special shoutout to people from underrepresented groups to come shaping the future of work with us! 

Our tech stack

Our platform is powered by AWS, Kubernetes, Istio, Terraform and Docker. These tools form the foundation that allow us to deploy and scale fast and easily. Everything is monitored and logged by Prometheus and Grafana, including request tracing for better observability.

Our microservices and backends are running on NodeJS + NestJS, and Java + Spring Boot and Groovy, which include easy-to-use templates for new microservices.

On the client-side we use Swift and Kotlin for our iOS and Android apps, as well as React micro-frontends for our B2B and operational apps.

We test our software by using Selenium, JUnit, Spock and React Testing Library.

We store data in various persistence technologies like Kafka streams, Postgres and Redis, while also using SQS and REST for both asynchronous and immediate service communication. We make use of technologies like ElasticSearch to perfectly match talents to the right job.

We empower our teams to experiment with new technologies through our Request For Comments (RFC) process, in conjunction with collectives and knowledge-sharing sessions to gather input and maximize the quality of our deliverables. The insights we gain from our users flow back into our product development through A/B testing and constant feedback.

Developer jobs at Zenjob GmbH

We don’t have any open positions right now.

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