Graz, Austria


201 - 500


Computer Software



dvrTech stack

Java, JavaScript, Angular, React, Redux, Google Cloud Platform, Spring

gradeKey values

checkContinuous feedback
checkAwesome co-workers
checkInnovative & design thinking
checkValues teamwork
checkFlexible hours
checkAgile processes
checkState-of-the-art technologies
checkContinuous delivery
checkCustomer oriented


As leading experts with over 20 years of experience in building digital platforms and customer experience innovation, we are here to help you make a fundamental change and grow through digital channels.

Our services range from strategy advisory and organizational agility, via platform architecture and specification to platform building, enablement, and operational excellence.

We aim to build long-lasting relationships with both our customers and partners. As a result, we have a strong ecosystem of cutting-edge technology providers which includes SAP Customer Experience and Google Cloud Platform.

We believe our diversity is our strength. So, we’re incredibly proud to see more than 500 colleagues – from over 30 countries – come together and create amazing things across our 9 European locations.

We Give Colleagues the Space to Find Their Balance

Flexibility is an attitude that responds well to change. Following a flexible working model from day 1, we create an environment that encourages that mindset. 
As a member of NETCONOMY you are not limited to strict working hours, and we give you the freedom to choose where you want to work. The so-called flexitime model is built to support our employees who might need to fit work around other commitments, such as taking care of kids or continuing their academic studies. 

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We Celebrate Success Stories Together

Great sports teams all have one thing in common – team spirit. Knowing how dynamic and fast-paced our industry is, we place great emphasis on keeping the team spirit high and overcoming challenges together as one team. Despite supporting a valuable feedback culture, we encourage our teams to celebrate milestones and success moments together. And you don’t have to worry about bureaucracy – just let us know what you are celebrating, chose a location with your team, and the party is on us!   

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Continuous Training and Education

To ensure the continuous professional and personal growth of our colleagues, the NETCADEMY team supports individuals and teams by participating in a variety of internal and external training programs. Training focusing on individual professional focal areas as well as “Soft Skill Training Programs” (e.g. feedback, communication, leadership, etc.) are at the core of the yearly program. Employees are empowered to proactively address their personal development goals and supported by the NETCADEMY.

Your First Days at Netconomy – A People-First Experience

Joining a new company is a daunting task – there is so much information to take in, and let’s not get started on all the new names and faces to remember. To help you get started, our internal training department (NETCADEMY) developed a comprehensive onboarding program that is adjusted to your (and your role’s) needs and requirements. With a portfolio of over 45 onboarding slots, a two-month mentorship program, and a dedicated, role-specific boot cam, we make sure you immediately feel connected a

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We Help Brands Transform into Market Leaders

With more than 20 years of experience, we are here to help you make a fundamental change and grow through digital channels. From designing your first agile digital strategy, and choosing the right solutions, all the way to building and optimizing amazing digital platforms – we are here to help you transform your business, today.

We Like to Share What We Know

We don’t believe in hoarding knowledge and we’re always happy to share our experiences with others. So, if you’d like to get a better idea of how we approach our work and projects – read through some of our blog articles and customer success stories.

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Ask a Frontend Developer

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