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Dresden, Germany

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C#, Scrum, GraphQL, .NET Core

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With our cloud platform and our data and information services, we are an important partner for the global music, film and event industry. Our international customers include collecting societies, music publishers, artists, artists' agencies, streaming services as well as event organisers and event service providers. In particular, we support people and organisations who create and perform art in complying with and enforcing their copyright and exploitation rights in an increasingly digital world. MESLIS is the world's leading cloud-based service and data platform that we develop, operate and market. MESLIS crawls, qualifies and processes automatically and fully digitised all necessary data and information of the music and event industry and makes it available to customers in a web portal for research and use. In doing so, we place an important focus on information about the commercial use of music and film works in public spaces. At the centre of our joint work is the creation of value from the use and exploitation of copyright-protected works. In this way, we make an important contribution to all artists and ensure more royalties from the correct licensing of events or venues.

People first & Fail fast! Our employees, partners and clients drive their ideas forward together - steadily and always at eye level. Our work is data-driven, technology-focused and automated to the greatest possible extent in order to process millions of data worldwide. We understand the mistakes we make as a challenge and a basis for our further development. This is how we notice that things are moving forward. We meet challenges with creativity and innovation - flexible in terms of time, in the office or remotely. We celebrate the goals we achieve together and are aware that they are the result of joint teamwork. We are authentic - and so are our products and services.

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