Berlin, Germany


From 16 to 50


Information Tech



dvrTech stack

Node.js, Swift, TypeScript, React, Docker, PostgreSQL, Cloud (AWS/Google/Azure)

gradeKey values

checkAwesome co-workers
checkTechnical founder(s)

Work at xymatic

Since our founding in 2011 in Berlin, Germany, we’ve constantly been pushing the boundaries of the digital space to build great products helping people publish great content. The growing importance of video as a medium and the rise of new immersive realities demands more and more complex infrastructures. Our mission is to reduce complexity by offering unified video publishing tools and products, enabling all video businesses to unlock the potential of any form of video. We also heavily invest in working on the mechanics of how content is presented in our time: the mobile age. With our latest development Green Feed we offer the first B2B TikTok-like AI-driven content feed to give our customers a powerful state-of-the-art tool with strong user engagement and easy-to-use mechanics.

But creating software in these times also comes with great responsibility! So four years ago, we decided to do something against the blatant waste of resources as everybody is just using more data, more resolution, more everything: due to the motto, the more, the better.

So our goal is for all our products to be climate neutral until 2025. With Green Video, we proudly launched the first entirely climate-neutral video platform for publishers. We worked on this project for 3.5 years, rewriting our complete video solution from scratch to use fewer resources resulting in an even better video experience for publishers. We are thrilled to work hard every day to reach our goals: Building great technology and saving the planet!

Cheers xymatic.

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