circularise BV


The Hague, Netherlands


From 16 to 50


Consulting, Information Tech



dvrTech stack

Python, Java, JavaScript, React, Selenium, Next.js

gradeKey values

checkDiverse team
checkAwesome co-workers
checkCommunicating transparently
checkRespect & trust

Work at circularise BV

Circularise is a Dutch supply chain transparency software provider using blockchain technology to enable circular economy at scale.

We believe better transparency is necessary to create a circular economy. We also understand that not every industry can be fully transparent. That’s why we developed a blockchain based supply chain traceability solution with a unique encryption technology ‘Smart Questioning’. It helps supply chain actors to trace products and verify the origins, certificates, carbon footprint and other material data backed by public blockchain based chain of custody and share sensitive product information without risking data privacy and confidentiality. 

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Developer jobs at circularise BV

We don’t have any open positions right now.