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language Remote from Germany
room Munich, Germany
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stars Intermediate
euro_symbol 42-82K
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DevOps Engineer m/w/d (all seniority levels) at siticom


  • Experience with deployment and orchestration-technologies such as Jenkins, Docker, Kubernetes, Salt, Ansible, GIT.
  • Experience with RESTful web-services, API's and in API handling
  • Good knowledge of working with Linux servers in network environments
  • Experience with virtualization solutions

Scope of Work

  • Further development of Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Delivery (CD) automation
  • Provision and creation of software packages for test and production systems
  • Close cooperation with the development and operations teams of our customers
  • Building automated infrastructures with Terraform and Ansible
  • Investigate, test, and evaluate new tools and approaches in the DevOps environment


  • Flexible working hours

Early bird, night owl or rhythm type? We all have our strong times of day and therefore align ourselves individually with them whenever possible.
We find: Core working hours are so 2005.

  • Flexible part-time

We design our working hours according to life and not vice versa.

  • Flexible working place

In home office, siticom office or working by the ocean? Everything is possible.

  • Top business-notebook

Our IT will equip you with the latest high-performance notebooks from Dell or Apple. Depending on the project team and your previous knowledge, we decide together.

  • Microsoft 365

Use office programs also for invitations and your budget book.

  • Business iPhone

Updated every two years and with permission for private use.

  • JobBike

We get our people on their bikes. Whether it's an e-bike, bicycle or pedelec: together with our partner JobRad, we also offer leasing of desired bikes for full private use.

  • BahnCard 50

For those who do not live around the corner and want to come to the office more often, we are on the train.

  • Company cars

For all those who, on behalf of our customers, also have regular on-site visits in the calendar.

  • Continuing education

We are a people company. Our teams are our most valuable asset; that's why we spare no investment in training and continuing education for personal and professional development.

  • Events

Work is not everything in life. Therefore, we regularly meet in small or large groups.

  • Bonus-programs

Shopping, culinary and travel we obtain thanks to our partner programs strongly discounted.

Applicant Location Requirements

in  Munich, Dresden, Cologne, Bruchsal or Weiterstadt (Germany).
from within Germany.

About siticom


SHINE BRIGHT WITH US: Whatever your background or expertise in IT, if you want to challenge conventional thinking and build solutions that matter, we should speak.

​At siticom we’re proud to became a leader in innovative network-solutions - working with us means confronting challenges with innovation, dedication, and passion. We take our vision "the network of tomorrow today" seriously and live it every day.

​But we’re determined to keep our strong company vibe – friendly, personal, warm and welcoming. You’ll never be just an employee. Join us!

About us 


Beside our remote-first-culture, five locations (Weiterstadt/Munich/Cologne/Dresden/Bruchsal) are hub & home for our 165 experts from 26 nations.

siticom is a technology innovation company founded in 2010 with a focus on the digital transformation of infrastructure and networks of tomorrow. siticom's portfolio is geared towards the complex technological challenges of the future.

​The solutions and services range from technical and strategic advice to engineering services for planning and realizing network infrastructures in communication networks and corporate networks. Thanks to a highly innovative, flexible grid of system partners, siticom is able to implement high-quality solutions at short notice.

​The combination of consulting, design and architecture bundled with the assumption of system and imple-mentation responsibility as well as test-automation distinguishes siticom as an independent system integrator