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Koblenz, Germany


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Computer Software



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Laravel, JavaScript, Vue.js, PHP, MySQL, Bootstrap

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checkDiverse team
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Work at Sdui GmbH

Sdui is one of the fastest growing start-ups in the German edtech industry.
Our goal? To empower people to transform education - for a better tomorrow!

We believe that the future of learning is highly personalized, engaging and relevant to real life. That's why our entire team is working towards one vision: a world where technology enables everyone to participate in the best education possible.

That's why we're building the operating system for modern education. Sdui simplifies communication and organization to connect people and make learning more effective and accessible worldwide. Join our team and shape the future of education with us. 

Driven by impact

Sdui simplifies communication and organization to connect people and make the day-to-day running of schools and daycare centers more efficient and accessible. Our goal is to transform education - and for that, we need the best digital solution.

Sdui's product and engineering team develops suggestions and requests from schools and daycare centers, builds interfaces and makes optimizations - they keep the heart of Sdui beating.

We asked Daniel Junco what motivates him in his work as Senior Frontend Developer at Sdui: „Working on a product with impact is my biggest motivation. It’s amazing to see how Sdui helps to digitalize the educational system and transform the way people teach and learn - a real innovation in this field! Being a part of this makes me very proud.“

For more participation in everyday school life: Sdui connects

What impact does technology have on participation in everyday school life? 

At Sdui, we know that digital solutions can make a real difference - for example, by overcoming language barriers. For some, the translation function is just a feature, for others it's the key to easier communication and more participation in the school community.  

We are proud of the impact Sdui has on school life and that we can contribute a small part to more educational justice with our product.

Sdui's Growth

Starting as an idea of pupils in 2018, Sdui has grown into an international company with a great team which is dedicated to ensure successful digital communication and organization in schools and daycare centers. We are excited to see that more and more people are committed to education and want to push it forward.

Even though things have changed since our beginning, our purpose remains the same: EMPOWER HUMANS TO TRANSFORM EDUCATION FOR A BETTER TOMORROW 🤩💫!

Our Recruiting Process

Wondering what happens when you apply to Sdui? That's our process. Especially exciting is our Get2KnowDay, where you can meet your future team either in one of our offices (Koblenz, Berlin, Hamburg) or remotely and get an insight into how things work at Sdui! 

Sdui Summer Party 2022

Meeting everyone in the company and partying together is a real highlight for us!

At Sdui Summer Party, the teams from Koblenz and Berlin came together to laugh, dance and celebrate our joint successes. It was also a great opportunity to welcome new colleagues and get to know each other better. 

It was an absolutely phenomenal day with a great team and lots of fun!

Sdui Christmas Party 2022

We ended 2022 with a big Christmas party in a universe theme - or better said Sduiverse?! 

Our CEO Daniel Zacharias reviewed the year, highlighted the achievements of the various departments and thanked all staff for having put and kept Sdui on course for sustainable success. We celebrated this with games, fun and joy. 

The company is set to grow further - geographically, product-wise and in "partybility". 

Perfect closure of 2022. 

Developer jobs at Sdui GmbH

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