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Work at VAIVA GmbH

As a joint venture between CARIAD SE and ANDATA GmbH, we have big ambitions. With our contribution to “Vision Zero” - by making assisted and autonomous driving safe - we bring exceptional technology onto the streets. 

Our mission is our passion. This is a key reason why we get up in the morning and head out the door full of motivation. After all, we want to excite our customers day-in and day-out with sophisticated products, solutions and validated concepts and help them get their assisted and autonomous driving functions into series production as fast as possible. 

To do that, we integrate automated driving, primary and secondary safety by means of an integral concept. System and software development, artificial intelligence and virtual methods are at our core, and we implement them in line with automotive-grade standards (e.g. ASPICE, ISO 26262). 

The development and validation of these highly-complex functions rapidly leads to an exponential explosion in time, effort and costs. Our team helps VAIVA customers keep these in line at all times. 

With all of our activities, we always have our eye on one thing: significantly reducing the risk (and impact) of serious traffic accidents and and enabling new, sustainable kinds of mobility. 

VAIVA Safe Mobility

Over the past 14 years, we have developed many important driver assistance and safety #functions and brought them into series production together with our customers and partners.

Our systems can now be found in millions of #vehicles worldwide and contribute to significant road #safety on a daily basis.

The upheavals in the #mobility sector require us to work together quickly to find strong answers. And this means that the demands on our own products and services are also changing and expanding - because we are actively helping to shape these changes.

The future is driving autonomously! But only with safety. We get up every morning for our vision: safe mobility for all and the reduction of serious accidents to almost zero.

We want to take you with us on our journey. That's why we're asking you: What do you want to see more of? What do you want to learn more about? How do you want to get to know VAIVA?

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VAIVA Ski Trip

What ingredients do you need for an unforgettable weekend in the Austrian mountains: A hat, snow and many colleagues from VAIVA. After a few years of forced break from Corona, our department head Bastian again organized a weekend for us in the Flachau ski resort. From head of department to employee and across all departments, we once again spent a great weekend together where fun was not neglected either on the slopes or on the trails or off them. Team cohesion was also the name of the game when it came to crisis management "freeing cars from the snow". And after so much action, the homemade Kaiserschmarrn tastes twice as good.

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VAIVA Understanding Session

Every six weeks, we host our Understanding Session. In this format, all employees can present a topic for their colleagues and share their expert knowledge. Whether it's the application of new methods, the correct use of specific tools, subject-specific developments or a presentation of the work area - almost anything is possible. Yesterday, for example, we were introduced to the world of human body models. In this way, we ensure a regular professional exchange and make a further contribution to continuous training.

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VAIVA's history of development

Nowadays, no vehicle can do without vehicle safety systems. However, before these systems can finally be used in a series-produced vehicle, many development steps must be interlinked and completed - from the idea, to the first implementation, further development, simulation, testing and safeguarding, to the series use of the function. At many different points in the development process, we at VAIVA make our contribution to safe mobility for all as an integral part of the #Volkswagen Group.

The first pillar in the co-operation was the realization of a virtual twin for an innovative electric vehicle of the Audi AG. This twin was used to develop virtually new operation strategies for the powertrain and also the powertrain itself. In the meantime the ADAS toolchains for the facelift A8 and A6 were industrialized and the preparation phase for the A3 (A37X) started.

In the ongoing years the gained experiences were applied to develop virtual vehicles and ADAS toolchains for the A4/A5, Q7/Q8, A6/A7 and A8 families. These virtual replicas served for the overall virtual development and testing in the fields of body-electronics, advanced driver assistance systems, integrated safety, chassis and powertrain.

This huge experience was combined the first time while developing the new Audi e-tron, by this in early project phases an reliable virtual vehicle and ADAS toolchain was available.

All these success and experiences will serve as the foundation for the virtual vehicles and tools for the development and test of the Premium Platform Electric (PPE) and of the Scalable Systems Platform (SSP) – and therefore for the most advanced vehicles electronics in the world.

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Breakfast Time

We live flat hierarchies and want to promote exchange between employees and our management team. That's why this time we hosted a joint breakfast at our Wolfsburg site. To be continued in Heimsheim and Gaimersheim...

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Driver assistance systems, or #ADAS, are not only installed for increased driving comfort, but are also intended to actively save lives by helping to prevent accidents. And almost everyone knows such a system from their own vehicle. In addition to lane departure warning, adaptive cruise control, driver drowsiness detection and lane change assistance, there are many other systems.

Behind the use of these systems is a complex interplay of software and hardware with various components. Functions, sensors and radars must mesh perfectly to ensure safe mobility for everyone. At VAIVA, this means thinking integral.We go the whole way – from start to finish – in order to create safe driving functions.

In a nutshell: we specify functions, such as for passenger monitoring, develop algorithms with the help of virtual models, and implement them, either “hand-coded” or model-based. We do that for so-called functional prototypes or for hundreds of thousands of series production vehicles in embedded systems found in various vehicle platforms.

Through integration in a virtual environment and in test vehicles, we can “experience” all of our functions at an early stage and as a result achieve the necessary robustness and effectiveness required for safety functions in real traffic situations. To do that we use methods such as machine learning or we reconstruct real accidents in a simulation environment.

We’re convinced that integral development is the only way to (safely) bring autonomous driving to the streets.

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Focus Days

Focus days instead of meeting marathons. We all know those phases in which one meeting follows the other and we would actually prefer to work on our topics in a concentrated way and in one piece. We wanted to do something about this and give everyone the freedom they need. That's why we introduced our Focus Day, which means that Wednesdays are now meeting-free for us. Less frustration, more focus!

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Talk - Meet - Eat

In April we were able to dive into the cultural history of the Metaverse at our TME - Talk, Meet, Eat. The focus was less on the technological perspective, but rather on the metaverse's quality as a cultural projection surface for the most diverse desires and fears. As a collection of visions, many technological achievements are nevertheless connected within the Metaverse. In any case, our participants were stimulated to think about whether our future life will really be completely absorbed by the Metaverse or whether we will prefer to enjoy the advantages of the analog world. And maybe some aspects can be used and bring the next creative and innovative solution for the developer problems of tomorrow. The culinary delights that followed were at least also enjoyed with all our senses in the real world.

Many thanks to Prof. Dr. Jochen Koubek of Universität Bayreuth for the exciting insights and the common exchange.

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Workshop and Pizza? Workshop and Pizza!

Workshop and pizza? That always goes well together. The Processes, Methods &
Quality team has dedicated itself to its own team handbook by agreeing on
all their own principles for working together. How does the team work best,
how can everyone contribute or how are processes organized within the team.
Since the handbook has been around since June 2022, now was the perfect time
for a major overhaul. The team asked itself all these questions again, made
changes where necessary and agreed on the results in a workshop. And on this
occasion, the Golden Pizza Award for the most presentations held in the
Understanding Sessions 2022 could be celebrated at the same time. Incentive
for defending the title in 2023.

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Mobility of the Future

Mobility of the future - surely everyone understands this to mean something different. Whether it's public transportation, the bicycle, car sharing or your own car. There are countless possibilities for how we will get around in the future. But there is one certainty we all share. It has to be safe. Because there are still many traffic fatalities every year, because we still worry about our children when they are on the road, because there are still serious accidents that lead to lifelong impairments. That's why we're living Vision Zero and doing everything we can to reduce accidents to almost zero.

Many concepts and components are coming together to achieve this. Networking within smart cities, increasing digitalization, Car2X systems, safety functions. With the development and testing of such functions, we at VAIVA are also making our contribution to safe mobility for everyone.

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Safe Driving

We want to give you an even deeper insight into our work and present our projects in more detail. We will start with an overview of our functions and algorithms for "Safe Driving".

We use our “safe driving” functions and algorithms to predict potential danger situations at an early stage and to prevent a normal driving situation from turning into a threatening accident situation. Drivers receive information regarding danger spots on their route and in their surroundings and are assisted through various driving maneuvers such as lane changing or turning. External sensors and swarm information are utilized to represent and interpret the driving environment.

More about the individual functions will be available next week. 😉

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Lane Change

Safe driving functions and algorithms predict potential danger situations at an early stage and prevent a normal driving situation from turning into a threatening accident situation. In our projects at VAIVA, we work on many different functions for safe use in production vehicles.

A widely known function is the lane change assistant. Various environment sensors monitor the rear traffic in the adjacent lanes. When vehicles from behind pass your own vehicle in adjacent lanes visual information is provided. In case of intended lane change, a warning is generated if the area of the neighboring lane is not free.

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Connected ACC

An important "Safe Driving" function is Connected ACC (Adaptive Cruise Control).

This is primarily used in congestion scenarios on the highway. The "Anticipate end of traffic jam" feature can detect the end of a traffic jam at distances of up to 600 m via Car2X and thus much sooner than the front radar (approx. 170 m). If one would only react to the end of the traffic jam with the front radar detection, a delay by ACC to the end of the traffic jam would not be possible. At least only extremely uncomfortably and not without driver intervention.

With cACC, it is more possible to react to the end of the traffic jam and decelerate comfortably and in good time to an approach speed. The vehicle then approaches the end of the jam at that speed until the front radar detects the end of the jam. The remaining deceleration to congestion speed is then performed comfortably by the front radar.

However, a look into the future shows further fields of application for the cACC. For example, for reactions to local hazard warning events or control at Car2X traffic lights.

Car2X and cACC are currently in series use in some VW vehicles starting with the Golf 8. However, various vehicle manufacturers have agreed on a messaging standard, so that communication will be guaranteed across the different brands in the future.

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Happy Birthday VAIVA!

Happy Birthday, VAIVA!

VAIVA is now one year young. And a lot has happened in this time. We used our new name to strengthen our brand. This means that, we have expanded our unique value proposition within the services network of the VW Group and further established ourselves as a strong and preferred partner in our area of focus: ADAS, AD & Safety. Projects such as the concept phase and series implementation of active safety functions are essential for the development and successful realization of the VW Group’s future platforms.

But there was also plenty on offer for the well-being of our employees. From our Christmas party, the team events, the ski trip to the "Talk - Meet - Eat" events, there was something for everyone.

Thank you for joining us in bringing VAIVA to life every day and driving our vision of safe mobility forward. #VisionZero

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Turn Assist

The turn assistant is a particularly important feature in urban traffic to make mobility safer in the future. Regardless of whether car, cyclist or pedestrian. #VisionZero applies to everyone.

For the use of the function, environment sensors monitor the rear traffic on the adjacent lanes and parallel paths. In the case of an initiated turning process, information and warning is provided if vehicles or bicycles pass your own vehicle from behind in the adjacent lanes in order to avoid accidents when turning.

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Accident Avoidance

Technical functions to stay safe while driving is just one component of our solutions to achieve the #VisionZero. But we also want to help actively prevent accidents.

Our “accident avoidance” solution detects traffic situations that would develop into an accident without actively intervening in the vehicle dynamics. By using crash probability and timeframe calculations for example, avoidable vehicle movements can be activated in the form of automatic braking or steering intervention, thus making it possible to prevent accidents or reduce their severity.

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Our Townhall is not only an information event, but also an opportunity to get to know each other. This is how we give our new colleagues the opportunity to briefly introduce themselves and their new position at VAIVA. Right today, our new starters from June were there. Starting this month, they will strengthen the teams Virtual Development, Crash Detection, Car2X & Connected Services, System Development ADAS/Front or IT.

Welcome and all the best for your start with us!

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