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Monheim am Rhein, Germany


1001 - 5000



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.NET, C#, JavaScript, Java, MySQL, PostgreSQL

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Work at Jenoptik Robot GmbH

Jenoptik – MORE LIGHT. We are a company where bright ideas are born. Changing the world with light demands for an exploring spirit. Discover challenges the world is facing, at Jenoptik you change the world. 

🚀MARKETS: Our key target markets primarily include the semiconductor equipment industry, medical technology, automotive and mechanical engineering, automation, road traffic safety and civil security, defense and security.

💡PUBLIC SAFETY: Jenoptik is a global leader in road safety, smart transportation and civil security. We serve our customers by providing innovative solutions to make mobility safer and easier. For road safety, we provide state-of-the-art photo enforcement technology to positively impact driver behavior and enhance the safety on our roads. These include speed and red light cameras as well as many other enforcement applications. Our technology also helps roadway operators to manage traffic flow, emissions, congestion and tolls. Our ANPR solutions are applied worldwide for various applications such as protecting borders, public places, and combating crime. As cities become smarter and mobility becomes more autonomous and connected, Jenoptik contributes to make future mobility smarter, safer, greener and more efficient.
Getting closer to vision zero and seeing the bigger picture: Jenoptik supports law enforcement agencies worldwide with intelligent camera solutions for public safety.

🌎LOCATIONS: The Jenoptik Group headquarters are in Jena, Thuringia, Germany. Next to our major sites in Germany, we maintain production and assembly sites in the USA, France, the United Kingdom and Asia-Pacific. 

🌳SUSTAINABILITY: Together with our customers, we create forward-looking trends in the fields of energy efficiency, healthcare, the environment, mobility, and safety. With our products we can make significant contributions to meeting the societal challenges we face as well as to the conservation and efficient use of resources.

🌈DIVERSITY: As an international company with about 4,400 employees, we are aware of our responsibility to create an appreciative and unprejudiced working environment and support diversity in our teams. We are committed to increasing the number of international und female managers in our company and signed the “Charta der Vielfalt”, an employer initiative for diversity, in 2020. 

Grow with leading and bright ideas. Become a JENIUS.

Enabling safer and smarter mobility

Jenoptik provides innovative and industry leading solutions for road safety and public security. 

Speed enforcement and automatic number plate recognition (ANPR/ALPR) are at the core of our product portfolio, covering a diverse range of applications such as average speed enforcement (section control), vehicle monitoring, red light violations, as well as road user charging and emission control applications.

Jenoptik is a world-leading supplier, with products and services constantly evolving to help make roads, journeys and communities safer around the globe.

Jenoptik - Get closer to Vision Zero with powerful Traffic Law Enforcement solutions

Jenoptik handles thousands of traffic enforcement cameras in operation. Deterring drivers from illegal behaviors and capturing evidence that allows road authorities and the Police to secure prosecutions is a global demand and challenge. Jenoptik is a world leading supplier of enforcement technology, with solutions to address every conceivable traffic enforcement requirement.

Our History

Civil security: Safeguarding communities and borders through advanced ANPR solutions and next generation technologies.

Working with Jenoptik to combat organized crime and terrorism: Our systems for civil security help you to prevent and solve crimes.

Jenoptik was founded in 1991 after the German reunification and our roots date back to 1846 with Carl Zeiss opening his optical workshop in Jena, Germany.

A few of many industry firsts all made possible by Jenoptik:

  • 1934: World‘s first automatic camera patented for scientific and sports photography
  • 1955: First police cars are equipped with mobile cameras by TraffiPax (now Jenoptik Light & Safety)
  • 1960‘s: First deployment of camera applications for room surveillance in banks and secret services. First photographic passport recording systems for border control
  • 1979: First innovator of ALPR in collaboration with a scientific police department
  • 1983: First real-time ALPR system deployed
  • 1996: First ALPR security cordon installed for the City of London (ring of steel)
  • 2002: First ALPR-based congestion charge system delivered
  • 2016: First delivery of Europe's largest Back Office for the Metropolitan Police, London, managing more than 60 million reads per day with complex live and retrospective analytics
  • 2017: World´s first artificial intelligence engine for ALPR
  • 2022: More firsts to come...
Employees and diversity at Jenoptik

Thanks to their experience and knowledge, our employees are essential guarantors of Jenoptik’s economic success. As an employer, we are focused on our corporate values of openness, drive, confidence and a dialogue-oriented corporate culture that is characterised by initiative and respect for diversity and equal opportunities. We offer our employees attractive employment conditions and a wide range of individual development opportunities. We encourage employees who drive things forward and who have the will to succeed. Only committed and curious people with new ideas can achieve outstanding results.

Developer jobs at Jenoptik Robot GmbH

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