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room Frankfurt, Germany
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Software Engineer (m/f/d) at Yatta GmbH


  • Degree in computer science with above-average grades (preferably M.Sc., diploma or PhD) or similar qualification
  • Several years of practical experience in designing and developing software, preferably as part of a development team (e.g., through work experience, open-source projects or internships)
  • Technical know-how and skills that match (at least in part) our tech stack and responsibilities as developers. Everything else is a plus, as long as you are not obsessed!
  • Strong problem-solving and decision-making skills with good judgment and appreciation for feedback to develop and grow

Scope of Work

We develop software projects on behalf of customers and do research and development for our own software products and services, both open source and commercial.

  • In-house software development in small, agile teams – for customers or for our own products and services (esp. software tools)
  • Design and implementation of software components, products and services, from analysis and development to deployment and rollout
  • Evaluation and analysis of new and existing and new technologies, frameworks and tooling for productive use in software development
  • Continuous improvement of quality through relentless root-cause analysis, detailed code reviews, thorough documentation, testing, learning and debugging
  • Active sharing of experiences and skills within and across development teams to improve software and code quality
  • Contribute to and make good decisions to resolve complex problems and provide sustainable solutions for real life



  • Top locations, prime equipment – Our offices in the hearts of Frankfurt and Kassel are designed to foster connection, collaboration and community. Together, we make sure we have the very best tools fo
  • Teamwork on and off the field – Creativity and camaraderie are key to innovation. That's why in-person collaboration is at the core of how we work. Outside the office, our Christmas and summer parties
  • Continuous improvement – Self-reflection and continuous improvement are an essential pillar of our work. It's important to keep learning and experimenting; have a spirited debate over coffee, borrow a
  • ...and we've got all the other perks and benefits – Flextime, fruit and fantastic coffee—not to mention our team breakfasts and parties—we have it all because someone like you took the initiative.

Applicant Location Requirements

in  Frankfurt or Kassel (Germany).

About Yatta GmbH

Yatta is all about development and evolution. Striving for a future where software and technology surround, enrich and serve us is everyone's responsibility — we just made it our job.