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Agile Methodologies
Continuous Integration

Software Developer for Passenger Information Systems at Televic GSP


We're looking for amazing software developers to bring our code quality to the next level.

Naturally, we expect you to be interested in modern software development:

  • Test-driven coding (TDD and BDD)
  • Continuous Integration and Delivery
  • Clean Code and Domain Driven Design
  • Microservice Architectures
  • Agile - by which we tend to mean XP more than we mean Scrum. 

Scope of Work

Looking at our website, we may seem like an embedded systems manufacturer for the railway market. Yet, every vehicle contains a heterogenous distributed network of more than 50 IP-based devices. We do not fiddle with stack pointers. Instead, we are looking for high level developers to tame this beast using clean software design and up-todate programming languages.

As part of an innovative, agile team you will

  • develop test-driven software for
    • embedded systems (Java and occasionally C++),
    • desktop applications (C#) and
    • webbased applications (HTML5 and JavaScript)
  • maintain our suite of automated acceptance tests, ensuring a continuously high level of quality,
  • help advance our Continuous Deployment infrastructure and
  • contribute to our Continuous Improvement efforts - e.g. by holding short presentations, collaborating at our "Open Friday" events and attending software development conferences  


  • challenging projects that are sustainable for our customers and society
  • Renowned customers
  • work remotely up to 50%
  • a highly committed and motivated staff of specialists, where mutual support is a certainty
  • personal & professional development opportunities
  • an open and trusting corporate culture
  • voluntary company benefits
  • further advantages such as flexible working hours, remote work, 30 days holiday per year, free drinks, relaxation room, activity room and more
  • job location: Berlin

Applicant Location Requirements

in  Berlin (Germany).

About Televic GSP

At Televic GSP we are dedicated to provide innovative and reliable railway passenger information and communication systems. With over 35 years of experience in the rail industry and in close cooperation with our customers, we design, produce, and maintain all of our products and solutions. We are proud to say that you will find our technology onboard over 60,000 vehicles worldwide. But for that technology to enable our customers to excel, we need you.