Sabik Offshore

Sabik Offshore


Schwerin, Germany


51 - 200



dvrTech stack

Python, C++, C#, Kotlin

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Sabik Offshore is the global leader in marking and lighting offshore windfarms. Our integrated solutions, including aids to navigation, ID marking, worklights and aviation obstruction lighting, have been keeping people and assets safe and operational since 2009.

Windfarms are subject to some of the world’s harshest weather conditions, and we feel a strong responsibility for the safety of the engineers, mariners, and pilots who depend on our products. Malfunction is not an option. Our products are therefore robust, easy to use and dependable.

Intense cooperation with our customers – often from the drawing board to project completion and servicing – helps us to understand the specific needs of the industry, such as extended lifecycles, quality of design and reliability. And close ties with authorities around the world ensure we are aware of the latest rules and regulations. Trust and integrity developed through long-term relationships are hallmarks of our organization.

We are proud to contribute to a greener, more sustainable environment. We have marked every German offshore windfarm and we continue to expand our operations throughout Northern Europe and into the Americas and Asia. Our home base is in Schwerin, in northern Germany, and we have offices in Copenhagen, Edinburgh and Tokyo.

If you have any questions, our experts will be happy to talk to you.

Developer jobs at Sabik Offshore

supervisor_account Sabik Offshore
room Schwerin, Germany
stars Intermediate
euro_symbol 54-65K
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