CT Software Engineering GmbH

CT Software Engineering GmbH


1001 - 5000


Aerospace, Information Tech, Transportation, Automotive



dvrTech stack

Embedded C++, C++, C, JIRA, Java, Python, Linux, Agile Methodologies

gradeKey values

checkDiverse team
checkCommunicating transparently
checkFlat hierarchy
checkValues work/life balance
checkCustomer oriented

Work at CT Software Engineering GmbH

CT is an international engineering company eager to help its clients succeed in their technological projects. 

From product design engineering to manufacturing engineering, after-sales engineering support and R&D projects, we operate in the aeronautic, space, marine, automotive, railway, energy, industrial plants and architecture sectors.

Every day, our engineers work side by side with customers in all engineering activities across the product lifecycle. Each one of them thrives to understand client needs and provide solutions, while maintaining an easy and enjoyable customer experience.  CT’s success is driven by more than 1,800 talented employees based in nine countries, spanning three continents.

At CT, we enjoy helping clients achieve their goals, and we see barriers as opportunities.  We are engineers that love engineering challenges.


People are our greatest value because each and every one of us makes up the engine that drives the company. Without our hard work and dedication, projects would not go out on time, and customers would not be satisfied. That is why we work so hard to build teams made up of self-managing and responsible people who conduct themselves with integrity. To support the, CT promotes the wellbeing of each employee by providing:

  • A flexible work environment.
  • Conciliation through flexible hours and the option to work from home to promote a healthy work-life balance.
  • Intensive working days on Fridays and during the summer.
  • An additional week of maternity/paternity leave.
  • Wellness programs
  • Diversity, inclusion, and equality.

 Whether you are just starting your professional career or already have experience, we will nurture your potential and take your career to the next level through continuous and tailored training and career plans in line with your personal and professional goals. You choose whether you want to diversify your skills, become an expert in a specific discipline, or take on technical or commercial leadership roles.

Together we build a great training community based on three pillars of learning formats: classroom, online courses, and remote mentoring. Our MOOC database has more than 500 courses with over 12k hours of training available that cover:

  • Technical training and certifications.
  • Skills and language training.
  • Management and business training.

Are mobility and an international career important to you?

CT is internationally oriented with over 25 offices in 7 countries, and projects that offer a wide variety of destinations and growth opportunities. Whenever possible, CT prioritizes internal mobility through an internal global mobility portal over external recruitment. 


We have always been passionate about technological challenges and applying Industry 4.0 technologies to digital transformation. It is a transversal value that is embedded in all our engineering services and areas of activity.

To remain a trusted partner in our clients’ most innovative projects, we believe that inspiring and empowering you with the necessary tools is key. At CT you will be part of a dynamic environment, in continuous development, and committed to implementing the latest technologies.

What we offer you:

  • Multisector experience, with the possibility to practice a discipline in several sectors, or to migrate across disciplines and sectors.
  • Focus on innovation and R&D throughout a product lifecycle.
  • In-house development of Industry 4.0 software solutions and applications.
  • Work in collaboration with a European network of more than 40 technology centers, universities, start-ups, and innovative companies.
  • In-house resources and platforms to develop and materialize your own innovation and sustainable energy ideas.



 Our organization is a meritocracy, so we have always put a great deal of effort in the selection and promotion of the best professionals, which is based on personality and talent and of those who are mainly engineers by vocation.

This has helped up build lasting relationships with clients, employees, and suppliers, which has helped contribute to the success of our clients’ technological projects.

As a part of CT, you will be surrounded by the best professionals in each sector, and discipline, who will help you get the best out of yourself. We offer:

  • Work in multidisciplinary teams.
  • Possibility of defining your own role in a team by combining your technical contribution with your other personal skills.
  • Participation in decision making and innovation.
  • Compensation, and salary evolution, according to your contribution.
  • Opportunities for promotion.

Developer jobs at CT Software Engineering GmbH

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