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DevOps Architect at Allianz Technology


  • End-to-end design of state-of-the-art CI/CD toolchain and processes in close alignment with platform architecture, internal service providers, DevOps engineers, build and release management
  • Establishes and introduces CI/CD best practices based on the global company IT Strategy
  • Implement automation of tedious and boring, repetitive tasks (testing, packaging, dependency and configuration management, deployment)
  • Implement and enhance our level of automation of our software delivery life cycle (CI/CD pipelines)
  • Bring applications into the cloud
  • Work closely with our DevOps engineers on how to best use and innovate our software delivery, test and production platforms

General competence description:

Professional with expertise in:

  • CI/CD state-of-the-art best practices, experience with setting up and maintaining build and deployment pipelines
  • CD technologies, especially geared towards Kubernetes and public cloud, like ArgoCD, Flux, Crossplane
  • Container (orchestration) technologies, including Kubernetes, OpenShift, Docker
  • Cloud platforms, including AWS and Azure
  • Infrastructure as Code technologies, especially Terraform and Helm
  • Software development and scripting languages, to provide automation and self-service tooling
  • Various automation frameworks, regarding build, test, integration and deployment, including Jenkins automation server
  • Git, especially GitHub

Additional competence description:

3+ years of experience in practicing the relevant skills. Ability to take end-to-end responsibility of our CI/CD architecture and to work closely with platform architects, developers, build and release managers.

Scope of Work

As a DevOps Architect you are taking part in the next phase of our Agile Transformation, to provide the best services towards our customers and to improve our system landscape. As a DevOps Architect, you work closely with several stakeholders, including the platform architects, internal service providers, agile DevOps teams, product owners and developer teams. Together with them, you will shape the tooling and processes for provisioning our environments, infrastructure and platforms. In addition, you will guide the harmonization and improvement of existing CI/CD assets.


  • A modern office located in Barcelona
  • Flexible working hours
  • A highly talented, dynamic and international team
  • Job opportunities in a global company

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