Vienna, Austria


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dvrTech stack

Python, HTML, Vue.js, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Docker, Kubernetes

Work at deepLYNX

Southeast Asia (SEA) is a very attractive consumer retail market. However, there are plenty of challenges as the SEA eCommerce landscape is fragmented with many different end points with different languages, cultures and eCommerce maturity.
We are on an ambitious journey to help thousands of businesses go global via eCommerce by building solutions to these obstacles by pragmatically applying technology.
Along the way, we will build new experiences and improve our current ones, and you can help influence both what and how.

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We don’t have any open positions right now.

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supervisor_account ottonova
language Remote
room Munich, Germany
stars Senior
Team Leadership
supervisor_account Rohlik Group
language Remote
room Vienna, Austria
room +7
stars Intermediate
Java for Android
supervisor_account DKB | Deutsche Kreditbank AG
language Remote
room Berlin, Germany
stars Senior
Spring Boot