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Berlin, Germany


16 – 50



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Hy, we’re hy.am studios – a team of strategists, designers, storytellers, and developers. We build products and services that connect brands with their audience and drive their business. A lot of what we do is in fashion, media, technology, and the arts.

We have one thing in common: We love what we do. Our common passion for design and technology combined with the relentless ambition to break new ground is what makes us build products that people love.

We help our clients understand the digital world and find the right strategies to create and bring innovative new products and services to market. Through extensive user research, a data-driven design process and our hands-on approach we develop products that connect our clients with their audiences and grow their businesses.

As a creative agency and design studio, we are guided by our core values. Our passion defines our ambition as a creative agency and makes us do what we love. Our boldness makes us push limits and challenge the status quo like no other design studio. Our detail-orientation and pixel-perfectionism defines our success as a design studio and distinguishes us from other creative agencies. Our hometown inspires us - as a creative agency, we want to be as versatile and individual as our beloved Berlin.

Our services include UX/UI Design, Brand Design, Brand Strategy, Front-End Development and Online Marketing.

5-step interview Process:

  1. Screening call with myself,

  2. Interview with the developer,

  3. Online assessment test,

  4. Interview with a founder,

  5. Collaboration day,

  6. Offer.


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