JMarquardt eLearning GmbH

dvrTech stack

Ruby on Rails, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Nginx, Apache, Linux, PostgreSQL, Redis

Work at JMarquardt eLearning GmbH

JMarquardt eLearning GmbH provides specialized online solutions as individual modules or as complete systems for virtual events, OnDemand platforms with e-libraries, e-learning, online community networks, live events and similar. We provide our customers, especially medical associations, and companies, with comprehensive advice and design the technical system landscape around events, webinars, OnDemand libraries, online continuing education with assessments and certifications, as well as company websites with various digital services. Our systems work closely together with the solutions of the other companies in the group.

Developer jobs at JMarquardt eLearning GmbH

We don’t have any open positions right now.

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supervisor_account BEKO Engineering & Informatik GmbH
room Innsbruck, Austria
stars Junior
euro_symbol 36-41K
supervisor_account CHECK24
room Frankfurt, Germany
room +2
stars Intermediate
supervisor_account ZEISS Group
room Oberkochen, Germany
stars Senior
Project Management