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Leapsome is the platform for Performance Management & Employee Engagement. CEOs and HR / People Operations teams in forward-thinking companies including Spotify, Mercedes-Benz, and Babbel choose Leapsome to enhance their people management processes and help them develop, empower and enable employees. Leapsome combines tools for Goals & OKRs Management, Performance Reviews and 360s, Employee Engagement Surveys, Feedback & Praise, and 1-on-1 Meetings into one easy to use platform. Leapsome was founded in 2016 by Jenny von Podewils and Kajetan von Armansperg in Berlin and in 2018 was listed as one of the 100 most innovative startups of Germany by The Hundert.

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Leapsome’s values
We stay true to our values in everything we do at Leapsome. 

  • Listen & learn — We always seek understanding. It helps us grow together and learn from each other.
  • Challenge the status quo — We challenge ourselves and don’t walk the beaten path just because everyone else does.
  • Be honest & transparent — We are honest and transparent with each other and ourselves.
  • Seek impact — We hold ourselves accountable for the impact we want to have in this world.
  • Take ownership & pursue excellence — We’re a group of smart and dedicated people, we trust each other to truly own our work.
  • Be kind & humble — We are more than just colleagues — we genuinely care for each other.

Developer jobs at Leapsome GmbH

supervisor_account Leapsome GmbH
room Berlin, Germany
stars Senior
euro_symbol 80-105K

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