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Rostock, Germany


501 – 1000



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Python JavaScript Ember.js Django MySQL MariaDB

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checkFlexible hours
checkHigh code quality
checkAgile processes
checkRespect & trust

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Since 2014, project44 has been transforming the way one of the largest, most important global industries does business. The world’s leading brands use our Advanced Visibility Platform to track shipments, collaborate with supply chain partners, drive operational efficiencies, and create outstanding customer experiences.  

Google Cloud has selected p44!

Google Cloud has selected project44 as the premier strategic visibility partner for their Supply Chain Twin solution. This partnership gives customers, also on Google Cloud, access to end-to-end visibility of their supply chain enabling them to make more informed, data-driven decisions.
“Taking an integrated, data-first approach to solving the world’s most complex supply chain challenges will have significant benefits for customers who rely on accurate, real-time data to deliver outstanding experiences for their own customers.” - Jett McCandless, CEO and founder of project44.

Our Vision & Mission

Our vision is to increase the predictability, efficiency, agility and resilience of global supply chains improving lives and creating a more sustainable planet.
Our mission is to provide a network platform which delivers advanced visibility, exception management, enables collaboration and automates processes across transportation and logistics ecosystems.

Our Company Values

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