supervisor_account Tezos Commons Foundation
language Remote
stars Intermediate
euro_symbol 80-120K

Back-end Engineer at Tezos Commons Foundation


It would be great if you:

  • are in it for the tech (like, for real)
  • are interested in blockchain technology
  • are fluent in English
  • are fluent in Golang, or a similar system programming language, such as Rust.
  • understand the challenges of running highly available and scalable systems in production
  • have experience with various NoSQL databases
  • familiar with Docker / Containerd, Kubernetes, Webassembly, and common tools used in CI/CD
  • have experience with one of the major cloud providers

Scope of Work

Tezos Commons is working on different projects that are used by a wide variety of actors in the Tezos ecosystem, such as scalable RPC endpoints, indexing of on-chain data, and IPFS storage solutions.

We work very closely with a number of different teams to understand their problems and find solutions that the entire ecosystem can benefit from. You will be expected to coordinate and collaborate with many different teams in the ecosystem.


  • Flexible schedule - Mostly choose your own hours, as long as your job gets done, we are full-remote- Work from anywhere, communication with team done via Zoom and Slack. You can qualify for quarterly bonuses paid for meeting KPIs.
  • We are one of many teams in the Tezos ecosystem, you will be part of not only one company but a big ecosystem with many events around the globe and paid travel if you want to go.

About Tezos Commons Foundation

Tezos Commons Foundation is a US based non-profit corporation. The foundation was formed in the spring of 2018, and leadership was elected through a collaborative effort of over 70 global Tezos community leaders. 

TCF is an independent entity that supports and guides community endeavors across the Tezos Commonwealth. We work closely with other Tezos operating organizations and provide a critical bridge between the vision of various Engineering teams, the resources of Tezos Foundation, and the passion of the broader ecosystem of users, delegates, developers, businesses, and enthusiasts.


supervisor_account The Austrian Federal Computing Center
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