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Java JavaScript TypeScript Angular React Amazon Web Services (AWS) User Research UI Design

gradeKey values

checkDiverse team
checkContinuous feedback
checkWorking across departments
checkFamily valued & supports parents
checkPromotes physical well-being
checkFlexible hours
checkHigh code quality
checkPair programming
checkContinuous delivery
checkCustomer oriented

Work at Volkswagen

We want to re-think and re-shape mobility: to make it electric, digital, intelligent and sustainable.
Our Software Development Center & Labs are part of the Group's strategy to meet the challenges of digital transformation representing a new form of agile cooperation. Located across Germany and around the world - we develop IT solutions that permanently improve people’s lives using state-of-the-art technologies to connect millions of people around the globe. Specifically we are looking for UX Designer, Product Managers and Software Engineers that can help us to shape the future of mobility.

Meet Firman

My name is Firman. I joined VW in the summer of 2017 as a fullstack dev at the SDC, here in Wolfsburg. About a year a go, I got offered a new role as the Ambassador of SDC. Some of my main focus now are in public relationships, XP evangelist, and recruiting for SDC Wob.
What is SDC?
SDC, short for Software Development Center. We, Wolfsburg office are made up of different roles, such as Product Managers, UX/UI Designers and Software Engineers. Our focus is to deliver the best software product that matters to the end users.
How is the atmosphere in your team?
In our Wolfsburg unit, we are around about 120 people, made up of a smaller pizza-size team. They are a great group to work and most importantly to have fun with. At occasion there has been a report of some nerfgun war between teams. :-)
What makes your team special?
Our SDC Wolfsburg team is unique! Because we constantly encourage each other to learn new things outside our daily project work. We are a diverse group of people that shares many interests, for example from some offered an after work yoga, teach basic Japanesse language or a weekly coding dojo session.
What do you like about Volkswagen as an employer?
There are so sooo many things that Volkswagen offers, but for me the best thing is the diversity in tasks and the possibility for me to develop myself, not only on technical level but also on personal development.
What characteristics should applicants have?
Question everything, never be afraid to make mistakes and learn from it.
And last but not least: What are you doing in your freetime in Wolfsburg?
In my free time I do a lot of outdoors activities, from woodworking to longboarding. I also like to go out with friends for a meal or a quick drinks :-)

The most important questions about career @ VW

Watch our video about the most important questions about career opportunities at Volkswagen by Andrea Morgan-Schönwetter, responsible for Recruiting & Talent Marketing at Volkswagen! :-)

Meet Radhika

My name is Radhika and I’m working in the Purchasing IT-Deparment as an application manager for the SAP-applications of legacy-purchasing-systems. I am managing all the applications and combine them with the requirements from the business department.
What is the most exciting project you are currently working on?
Currently, I am involved in a defining and designing solution process for the future systems. In the future scenario, there will be only one purchasing system, one finance system and one requisition system, so it’s quite interesting to define which processes can be optimized, and design the solutions.
Which extra benefits does Volkswagen provide to you as an employer?
Many! We have team-lunches, which I enjoy every once in a while. And I really like working with the colleagues. Whenever there is a party or some celebration, we celebrate it in the team, so the teamwork culture is really nice. Also we get breakfast and lunch at the Volkswagen canteen, which is pretty amazing.
What do you like best about Volkswagen
as your employer?
The work-life-balance, I’d say. They put employees lives above everything else. I really appreciate the fact that we are not under constant stress unlike other IT-services-companies - some friends of mine have to work 10-12 hours nonstop. But in Volkswagen, we have an actual balance.
For potential future colleagues: What are the main reasons to come to the IT-City?
From my job perspective, I would say, you really do get hands-on experience. We are in the core industry, where we are responsible for shaping the automobile industry. We get to work closely with SAP colleagues, because Volkswagen is a top customer for SAP, so we get insights on SAP technologies and what is going to come in the future. I feel like we are part of a big, important change. Plus, like I said: work-life-balance is great.

Developer jobs at Volkswagen

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