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Snappy UI needs no Single-Page Application
Clemens Helm - 1 month ago
Web development has shifted from backend-focused to frontend-heavy designs, making backends mere API providers while frontends handle routing, HTML rendering, and state management. This change has increased load times due to the large amount of frontend code required. Techniques like server-side rendering, code splitting, and lifecycle management help but add complexity, causing more bugs, slower development, and steeper learning curves. Many developers forget that modern browsers offer features that make SPAs unnecessary. In this talk, I'll challenge you to rethink your approach with one key question: “Do we really need a Single Page Application?” I'll demonstrate how to build fast, efficient applications using server-side rendered HTML, lightweight JavaScript, and built-in browser features, resulting in quicker load times, simpler codebases, and greater productivity. Join me to explore the advantages of a streamlined, server-side approach to web development.
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