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Eric Rabinovich - a year ago
Engineering culture: Why ownership is the secret ingredient
In this talk, I will focus on ownership! I will convince you, why an engineering culture that encourages taking ownership can maximize your team’s potential and building a group of individuals with a sense of ownership can genuinely make the whole more significant than the sum of its parts. I will share how to look for it in a candidate. What kinds of questions you should ask in an interview to spot it, and how to make the right recruiting choices. And will share some tips and tricks, how to define and measure it in your existing team members, how to encourage them to take more responsibility for themselves, and why this is important, not just for the company’s sake but also for their own. Having people that care about the value they bring to your team, to the entire R&D, and your company’s goals are so fundamental, I believe it is one of the critical building blocks for creating a healthy and prosperous engineering culture.
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