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Manfred Steyer - a month ago
Micro Frontends with Module Federation: Why and How?
The much-discussed Micro-Frontends have challenges and trade-offs. Many wonder whether their benefits would pay off for their projects and how to implement them. This session sheds some light on the matter. We start by exploring several real-world use cases I have helped plan and implement in recent years. They are from different industries: Finance and accounting, banking, and insurance. We also discuss a project where we deliberately decided against Micro-Frontends. With this background, we set out reasons to use, or not use, this new architectural style. In the second part we look at implementation strategies such as Module Federation, a game-changer for Micro-Frontends even beyond SPA. By the end, it will be clear whether Micro-Frontends are a good choice for your project and how to implement them.