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Christian K. - 2 months ago
Teini - an extremely small webshop leveraging awesome and free tech
I was looking for a tiny and free ecommerce solution. Nothing special: just a simple product database, a way to handle the payment and that's it. Finding a solution was really hard. Most of the solutions come with a hundreds of features and ofcourse aren't for free. Teini (tiny, [ˈtīnē]) is a extremely small open source webshop leveraging awesome and free solutions like Github and Vercel. In this session I would like to show how Teini is build. Covering the following topics: * Prisma(.js) as ORM and Typescript make the code so much cleaner and more maintainable. * Nextjs with its data fetching strategies is a perfect fit for all ecommerce sites. * Nextjs Image- and Font-Optimizations (I wrote about the image stuff on my blog: And of course the whole thing is open source because I think open source is the feature for big and living software products. I would cover why this is important as well.
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